Silk screen printing has been around for centuries, and remains a popular method of printing images on to all sorts of surfaces. Its endurance as a printing method is not for no good reason: there are plenty of advantages screen printing has over even the most modern technologically advanced methods of printing. Read on to discover why screen printing may be right for you and the printing of labels, branding, or decoration on your goods.


While screen printing has many advantages, one of the main ones is that it is durable and long lasting. The ink applied via screen printing tends to be thicker, making it less likely to crack or fade. The method also makes it ideal for large orders. But because screens for each color need to be fabricated, smaller orders may not be cost or labor effective.


When you see a tee-shirt, for example, with a design printed on it, was likely done through silk-screen printing. Items that demand a great finish, where the design is star, benefit from this kind of printing. Screen printing is known for its great finish. Because of the amount of ink used, the print tends to be thicker.  Unfortunately, this points to one of its disadvantages, which is that there will be more ink wasted than with other types of printing. Also, the amount of ink used may add to the expense of screen printing.


In terms of versatility, screen printing also has a lot to offer. Metal, fabric, wood, and importantly, plastic, all make ideal surfaces for screen printing. Its limitation is that the surfaces best served by screen printing are flat. That said, many plastic food containers as well as cardboard boxes have multiple flat surfaces that are right for screen printing.


Screen printing has been used for centuries, and because it is straightforward, dependable, and viable for home printing, it will continue to compete with more modern methods, and may even outlast them when their technology becomes obsolete. At All In Packaging, screen printing is part of our program. If it’s not exactly what you need for the label printing you need done, let us explain about the advantages and disadvantages of the other methods of printing we offer, like laser, tampo, and UV. Our representatives are waiting for your call.