Every now and again a container comes along that is so right for its purpose that we can’t keep it to ourselves. Such is the case with the stand up pouch with a transparent window. The benefits of using this pouch for certain products are numerous, but we will only detail the most prominent ones here. Read on to learn more about this versatile, useful, food-industry safe pouch.


There is great utility in this stand up pouch, which is made with brown kraft paper, and features a transparent window and tin ties. Premium foodstuffs such as whole-bean and ground coffee, loose tea leaves, and even baked goods like cookies find an ideal home in the pouch. One reason for this is that the brown kraft paper gives off a certain homemade, specialty-item feeling, not one of being mass-produced. It is warm and inviting in appearance, and just the right size for regular purchases of the foodstuffs mentioned above.


Another advantage is that snack food benefits from being sold in packaging which features transparent windows. Research found that in particular, enticing brightly colored food will get eaten more quickly in transparent packaging than in opaque packaging. Moreover, consumers who have a strong connection with consumables like coffee and tea may react positively to seeing such products through the window.


Another great advantage of this pouch is that the surfaces are ideal for corporate branding and labels of all sorts. Labels and branding can be printed directly on to the surface or a preprinted label can easily be applied. Gifts like coffee and tea and snack foods have positive connotations, and giving them as a corporate gift in a well designed and decorated stand up pouch will create goodwill towards your brand, and will promote it wherever they decide to store and use your gift.

If you are looking for a great container for your corporate gifs, or if you have a product that needs a small-batch, DIY look, we at All In Packaging highly recommend the stand up pouch with its transparent window. Note that we also sell pouches without windows, as well as pouches for vacuum packaging, if these are more suited to your product. Beyond that, we have almost any container you can imagine. All you have to do is have a look at our webshop to see for yourself.