We all know the role of glass in packaging. It is one of the most widely accepted packaging materials, especially in case of food. Glass jars, containers, bottles, and other kinds of packaging material are widely used all over the world. They play an important role in the packaging industry.

feher_tegelyGlass has been used in the packaging industry for ages. With time, however, designs, style, and trends in the usage of glass have changed completely. Today, you will find glass jars and containers in various styles and designs being widely used as a packaging item.

Glass packaging is best described as beautiful, classic and timeless. No wonder, glass is used in packaging not just food products, but is extremely popular in the cosmetics industry as well. You will find a number of perfume bottles in excellent designer glass. Glass offers an aesthetic appeal that is not possible with any other material. You might choose to use glass jars or containers for packaging different kinds of products, but the benefit of using it can not be denied.


Why is glass so widely accepted as a packaging material?

Well – all manufacturers put in lots of effort to make their brand look perfect, taste the best, and satisfy customers in every way possible. Manufacturers desire that their products stand out from other available products. If the packaging is right, it does make a huge difference for the buyer. Glass is widely acceptable because it is non-permeable, which means it does not pass chemicals or odour to the food product which is packaged. Thus, glass packages are used to package dairy products such as cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, and other items.

Consumer Convenience With Glass:

Plastic products are not always safe for use, because after prolonged usage, plastic does become a bit distorted. After several uses, plastic is known to get bent a little inwards on both sides. It changes its shape and often distorts into an inconvenient shape. If you select glass as your packaging material, this will not happen.

plastic bottle 2This does not happen with glass products. Glass has a solid character. It does not lose its shape. No matter what happens or how much you try to bend it or how much you try to  twist it, glass will never give up. However, glass is fragile and will shatter into pieces if it takes a all. Still, glass jars and containers are suitable for storing because of their solid character. They will not lose their shape by twisting or changing their form in any way.

There are several benefits of using glass jars and containers as packaging items. Here are some reasons why you need them for packaging.

  • They are best suited for storing food products like pickles, jams, condiments, and more. Glass is not permeable and does not allow leakage or contamination. The food stays fresh for a long time.
  • Glass containers look elegant, stylish, and sophisticated. They are highly attractive, especially in case of perfume bottles. This helps in increasing the sales of these products.
  • These containers and jars are available in different sizes and shapes. Thus, they are suitable for storing various kinds of products.


So, wouldn’t you prefer using glass jars and containers as your favourite packaging option?