The world is trying its best to be a little more conscious and take care of the environment. Still, many people are just shrugging off their responsibility, as they believe that they can actually do nothing to reduce our carbon footprint. However, most people are not aware that even the small step of trying to reuse cosmetic containers can actually go a long way to help in reducing waste.

Cosmetic containers, just like much other packaging material, can actually be reused in a number of ways. So, if you have these containers at home and you can’t think of anything else but throwing them away, we have a few ideas which will help.


miniperfumebottlesStorage For Perfume:

Here is an interesting idea to store solid perfume. You can now reuse the old makeup containers and turn them into a lovely perfume container. You can simply melt a little bit of coconut oil or even beeswax and then you can mix in the fragrance you love. You can also add some essential oil if you wish for the purpose. However, just make sure that you remove the entire makeup residue and then you can pour in the custom perfume.


Clutter Storing:

Did you just clean your purse – flooded with some odds and ends, which you wouldn’t like to throw away but are not finding the best place to store them?  Now you have a solution. You can reuse your makeup compact. In this compact, you can store a number of essentials, including earring backs and paperclips. You can also use different items like nails, some coins, pills, and also mints. You can also reuse the cosmetic containers and keep them in your office drawers.


Sewing Kit:

Nothing can be as essential as an emergency sewing kit. Suppose you are traveling and you have a loose button – how do you manage it? What if a hem of your dress comes loose? For all these emergency situations, your handy emergency sewing kit will come to your rescue. You can prepare one by reusing some old cosmetic containers. You will need to glue a little sponge in the compact, which will hold all needles in place. You can also keep some thread and a button for all emergency purposes. This small kit can be easily carried in your bag.


Kids Utility:

Did you know that you can actually turn your compact into a brilliant memory game? You can use little slips of paper and with various images or different family pictures. If you wish, you can create a faux kit, by putting some acrylic paint or nail polish in the compact. Be a little creative with your work and cut out small paper doll cut-outs. Keep them in the compact and store them just beside the bed.


Your Own Makeup Kit:

This is one of the best and most creative ways to reuse old packaging material and save money. If you have an old compact that is not used often, you can clean it well and then store your lip balm or lip tint in it. If you wish, you can also store products like aloe vera gel in these compact or small cosmetic containers, which can be carried in your handbag too.

Reusingcosmetic containers are as per your discretion. Use them in any way you feel and you will definitely increase their utility three-fold.