Plastic bottles are used in almost every industry – whether it is in the pharmaceutical industry, the cosmetics industry, or just for household purposes. These bottles have many advantages, due to which they are used for a number of purposes. They are light in weight, easy to carry, easy to store, and above all, the bottles are inexpensive. Thus, these bottles are of immense use in every industry.


flakonWhy Are Plastic Bottles Needed?

Such bottles are needed basically for storage of wide number of products.

In case of the pharmaceutical industry, the bottles are used for storing syrups and other medicines. They are available in different sizes, are easy to dispense from, and light in weight. Since plastic is highly durable and doesn’t break easily, such bottles are increasingly used all over the world. The caps are airtight and keep air and moisture from entering. The bottles are available in different colors as well, especially opaque bottles which help in keeping the medicine protected from sunlight.

Plastic bottles are increasingly popular in the food and beverage industry. The bottles are used for storing fruit juices, sauces, condiments, soups and more. Plastic bottles are often transparent and easy to package. It is possible to check what is stored in the bottles without having to remove the cap. Thus, the bottles are immensely convenient to use, because you can buy your beverages, fruit juices, or sauces in different volumes. Later, the plastic bottles can be reused for other purposes as well.

The cosmetics industry also uses plastic bottles for packaging a number of products, which include hair-care products, lotions, liquid soaps, and other products. These bottles are available in different sizes, do not weigh much, and can be attractively designed. Thus, the popularity of all these bottles has been on the rise over the years and is expected to rise even further in the next few years.


Great Durability and Cost Effectiveness:

Packaging is an important part of building your brand image, but the high cost of packaging often raises the price of a product, which is detrimental to its increasing sales. Plastic bottles are the best choice since these bottles are highly durable. They have the least possibility of getting damaged during transit and there is minimum scope of loss during transit. Besides this, when buyers purchase the products, they can reuse the bottle later on. Thus, their use helps in improving the cost effectiveness of the sellers as well as buyers.


Plastic as Packaging Material:

Plastic is much in need as a packaging material, because it is flexible, and above all, highly durable. It is widely embraced by all industries all over the world. Plastic can be easily shaped and then moulded into different forms. It can be given different colours as well, which helps in using it in different industries. It can be shaped easily into different kinds of packages. It is safe to be used and is readily available all over.

The popularity of plastic has always remained high and will continue to be so.