Yes, it is true that over packaging is often annoying for customers. It frustrates them beyond belief when they need to remove layers of packaging when it is quite evident that so much packaging wasn’t required.

The holiday season ends – you finish unwrapping all your products, but you soon realize you have so much wrapping paper left over. ‘Wrap rage’ is a term which is now used quite often to express the frustration of people who are loaded with excessive packaging. Plastic wrappers, cardboard boxes, and hard plastic cases are often difficult to get rid of. In fact, at times, the packaging paper is so hard, many people are known to injure themselves as they try to unwrap the package.

If packaging is a cause of frustration or annoyance, it is not serving the purpose it is meant to. Packaging has to be inviting. It should make life easier and more convenient. If the package is difficult to open, if it is dangerous and it is wasteful, it is definitely not going to be beneficial to its buyers.


It is known that excessive packaging is quite common these days, though the reasons why are unknown. People feel frustrated and annoyed. Why are companies spending money on packaging which isn’t making their life simpler but complicating it further? For unknown reasons, these days too much is being invested in packaging – most of which goes waste.


IMG_4634[1]Costs Of Extra Packaging

The cost of additional packaging is harmful to the environment. In fact, many people believe that it is the consumers who bear the brunt of excessive packaging. Such excessive packages, in turn, create newer problems. If there is extra stuff being packaged, it is increasing the weight of the product. This, in turn, will increase the shipping costs and the costs associated with recycling.


Consumers often worry that if this trend of excessive packaging continues, it will compel the e-commerce companies and the retailers to increase their prices. There are many environmental organizations that oppose such excessive packaging since it causes degradation of the environment.


Causes of Customer Annoyance:

Customers are often annoyed because they frequently realize that excessive packaging has been used when it was not needed. As they have their package delivered to their home and when they start unwrapping it, they soon realize that there is unnecessary packaging – so much packaging is actually not needed for that specific product. Extra unwanted packaging can be annoying, especially when you are in a hurry and need to unwrap the package immediately. Removing layers of plastic before you can actually see the product is sometimes truly frustrating.

Excessive packaging has an impact on landfills along with causing problems to the environment. Though certain kinds of packages are easily recycled, not all materials can be recycled. Such kinds of material cause harm to the environment.


Manufacturers need to take care that the package helps in keeping the product protected. However, it shouldn’t also be causing inconvenience to the buyers. If the buyers find it difficult to remove layers of packaging, it will not be good for the brand.