This is always a matter of debate – are glass food containers better than plastic? Well, a number of factors need to be considered before we can conclude which is better. However, if it is about storage of food, glass has always been a popular and safe choice, especially amongst the consumers who do not wish to compromise on safety and health.

Plastic is not considered to be good, because it contains some harmful chemicals which might seep into the food that is packaged. In such a condition, the food might get contaminated and it might not have the best taste. There might also be a compromise on health. Here is a brief comparison on glass versus plastic food containers – which one is a better choice and why.


Glass Is Prettier and More Attractive  

Glass is the preferred choice since glass looks pretty. It has a certain elegance of its own. If you store or serve food in glass containers, it certainly looks trendier than when served in plastic containers. If you have friends and relatives coming over to your home, you would certainly choose to serve food in glassware and not plastic containers. Glass is always the top choice when we think about serving food. We can say that glass is certainly a pleasure to your senses.


No one likes to place a plastic container on the table when friends come for  lunch or dinner. Instead we love to display our glass containers with their classic crystalline attractiveness. Thus, glass is always a good choice when we talk about an aesthetic appeal and stylishness.


Food Safety

When we store food products in glass containers, it is ensured that food is completely safe. It is free from all toxic substances which tend to migrate into the food in the case of plastic containers. Not all plastic containers can be used for cooking or reheating food in the microwave. Only the top quality food containers are suitable for use, while others are not at all safe. However, with glass containers, food stays safe because glass does not allow odor or toxic materials to seep into the food.


glass jarsCleaner

For all those who are especially concerned with food safety, they need to know that glass is a lot cleaner than plastic. It has a non-porous surface. This means it does not absorb germs and food. Glass can be easily washed in the dishwasher as well.


Food Flavour

Glass is again a popular choice as a food container because it helps in preserving the flavor of food. Milk always tastes great when it is stored in glass. The same rule also applies for foods which are stored at home. If you store food in glass containers, it will stay fresh, tasty, and healthy. This doesn’t happen when you choose to store food in plastic containers. The most difficult part is if you choose to store food in poor quality containers, you might just pass on the smell of plastic to the food.


Glass containers are environment friendly. Should you break a container, it can be easily recycled. This doesn’t happen in the case of plastic containers, because much plastic cannot be recycled. Thus, if you are looking for an option to store your food, glass containers are always the best choice.