tmp_C1cgudWhy is custom packaging considered to be a necessity these days? Earlier, the concept of such a type of packaging wasn’t so universally accepted, but lately, custom packing is one of the most sought after packaging trends.

There must be some benefits of these packages that make them so highly popular. Now, almost everything we use is customized. This includes the many ads we check online or the apps we usually download from our smartphones to packages. Personalized information and products which address the individual concern of users is now in great demand. There are many benefits of custom packaging, which has made it almost quite a necessity for both manufacturers sellers.


A Single Size Is Not For All

Products do not share the same shapes and sizes. If you plan to ship different types of products, you will need different kinds of boxes. In fact, in such a situation, the best option is to have a custom designed box. This helps your business to have the best size box for the different items which need to be shipped. You do not have to buy packaging boxes or material in bulk. You can have your boxes as per the size and shape of the product that will be packed.


No Filler Needed – Save Cost

When there is the right size of packing box, you do not have to invest in additional filling material. This helps in reducing costs, which is about dimensional weight shipping costs. Custom packing is a good guarantee of the different specifications being met. Your product might be of a large size or might have an odd shape, with custom packaging; for this it should get the right construction box.


Improved Brand Awareness

When you use a custom packing design, it is quite helpful in increasing the brand awareness of a product. You might not use a plain cardboard box for packaging your boxes, which is quite common and widely used by manufacturers. You should instead use diverse kinds of custom printed boxes which have the brand logo and name printed on them. With customized packages, the brand logo can be easily printed in the inside and outside of the shipping container. This helps in offering a positive unpackaging experience for customers. It also helps in reinforcing the demand of the products.


Complete Protectiontmp_lmo9Pz


When a standard size box is used, it doesn’t offer full protection to the products. A lot of filler material is often used so that the packed product doesn’t move during transportation. If there is movement during transit, it can harm the product. When custom packages are used, there are boxes of exclusive shapes and sizes. These boxes offer total protection to the products. You can actually safeguard your product with a good custom-designed box. Customers will thus have a positive experience.


Reduces Overall Wastage


Custom packaging helps to reduce overall packaging waste. It helps in removing excessive material. There are several new advancements in packing material, which help in improving the eco-friendly features of packaging. Consumers love eco-friendly products and are always keen to buy such products.


The demand for all customized products is estimated to rise in the next few months. A lot is expected to happen in 2018.