Here is an astounding fact: over one hundred billion cardboard boxes are produced each year. It is also estimated that 90 percent of products that are shipped, are shipped in cardboard boxes. As a container for moving house, and sending consumer goods, the cardboard box is peerless. But what happens to all that paper once it is used?


The good news is that most cardboard gets recycled. Research shows that 75 percent of such cardboard boxes will get recycled. Still, that leaves a whopping 25 billion boxes left to meet some other fate. Some will get reused as shipping and storage containers, but sadly some will just get thrown out. But why add to waste when there are so many re-purposing ideas for cardboard boxes, some of which are incredibly imaginative, and dare we say ‘outside the box’?


 cardboxAmong the easier home uses for a cardboard box would be to cut out the sides in shape of a lightweight picture frame. Decorate it to make it attractive, put a picture inside, and hang it on the wall. The cut out square can also be utilized as a backing to a photo. Another easy way to re-use that cardboard is to cut it up and turn the squares into knee pads for when you are working in the garden. This is especially relevant now that spring is coming.


The Finnish have discovered a very creative use indeed for the cardboard box. Many use the boxes, which they are given by the state along with a ‘starter kit’ for caring for their newborn, as a bassinet for their babies. Most Finnish families have their first baby pictures taken in their cardboard box bed. It has become a beloved tradition. No, we are not endorsing putting your baby in a box if you have safety concerns, we are only using it as an example of interesting ways cardboard boxes get used and reused. That said, Finland has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world, and citizens rich and poor appreciate the utilitarian box that was their first bed.


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