With spring arriving, households are opening the windows, airing out linens, and getting to work doing the deep cleaning that may have been avoided during the cold winter months when damp materials could not be dried outside and windows were kept sealed to prevent heat from escaping. Many home-makers want to start the warm weather months with a cleaning that is also chemical free, which is where DIY cleaning products and essential oils come in. Read on to discover how.


illoolajok_simaLinens that have endured a winter without an airing, will benefit from some freshening up. DIY linen spray can help. Mixing 10 drops of an essential oil like lavender, or primrose oil into a third of a cup of water, with a dash of Witch Hazel, will give you a vibrant, chemical-free freshener for your linens. Spray the mixture on the sheets with a trigger sprayer, attached to a trigger-sprayer friendly bottle, which of course you can get at All In Packaging. The mist from such containers will be evenly distributed, leaving your linens fresh smelling all over.


Adding a few drops of pleasingly scented oils to simple cotton balls, and placing them in shoes, is also an easy way to keep odors at bay. This also a great way to keep out-of-the way spots like garbage under the sink and garage spaces smelling good.


Air diffusers are always popular. With these sweet smelling diffusers, you can send the scent of oils like rosehip through the air, removing the stale odor that has accumulated over the winter months. Simply place dry reeds directly in a diffuser jar, or use a glass jar or vial that you can decorate to your taste.


A very simple idea to freshen your space would be to add ten drops of oil to a bucket of warm water, and then mop the floors with the result. This spreads a pleasing scent while it cleans. Or think about sprinkling a few drops of the oil on a bare light bulb for a quick penetrating scent.


To make your spring cleaning easier, we offer not just a variety of oils, but also the trigger sprayers and bottles for trigger sprayers that will make the job so much easier. All of this is available at the All In Packaging webshop, which we have also freshened up with many new services like custom made packaging and label design. Stop by this spring see all we’ve been up to.