Easter is a holiday that features many types of celebrations stemming from many different traditions across the world. One of the traditions that is particular to some Western countries is the coloring, hiding, and gathering of Easter eggs on Easter day. This is typically an activity reserved for children, which means it can also be used for educational purposes. How about teaching the little ones that re-purposing plastics is always a good idea, particularly around the holidays, which tend to see an uptick in consumer spending?


With this in mind, we are here with an idea for repurposing a plastic bottle into an Easter basket. It may sound odd, but the results are quite pleasing, and it will keep a large bottle out of the landfill as well as save the money of buying a basket, which also may only be used once before being thrown away. Moreover, it will be a fun project to do with the family. To begin with, you will need a large plastic bottle, pipe cleaners, tape, and stickers for decoration, scissors, as well as a hole punch.


Begin by washing out the bottle. Punch a hole in the mid section of the bottle, so you can insert the scissors, with which you can cut the entire bottle in half. The bottom of the bottle will be your basket. Circle the rim of the basket with brightly colored or decorative Washi tape, to take off sharp edges. Put as many Easter-themed stickers on the side as you wish.


Next, take your hole punch and punch two holes on the opposite sides of the rim, just below the tape. Take two pipe cleaners and push them through one hole, fastening their ends into knots so they do not come loose. Then loop the pipe cleaners over the top, put them through the other hole, and fasten that end as well, giving you a handle. Decorate the inside of the basket with shredded colored paper to make a soft nest for the eggs, and your DIY Easter egg basket from a plastic bottle is ready for holiday fun.


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Source: Easy Kids Craft Youtube channel