In the Northern Hemisphere winter is finally relinquishing the world from its icey grips, leaving grass and soil where there was once snow and ice. Spring gardeners will be among the first to take advantage of the unfrozen ground, planting seedlings and tending to plants that survived the winter. In feeding and watering their gardens, many keep a trigger sprayer on hand. Trigger sprayers are valued tools in the garden and in caring for houseplants as well. Read on to discover why.

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As a tool for feeding plants and misting their leaves and flowers, it is hard to beat the trigger sprayer, as a hose, while very capable of watering soil, will be too clumsy and overwhelming in its stream of water for delicate seedlings. The trigger sprayer, on the other hand, is portable, and the misting action of the nozzle releases just enough water in a fine mist to cover the leaves and flowers without drowning them. People forget that overwatering can be just as dangerous to your garden’s heath as underwatering.

A trigger sprayer is a gardening implement that is easy to use. You simply mix plant food into water in the bottle, screw on the trigger device, and adjust the nozzle to the quality of spray you desire, which may differ depending upon the type of plant you are watering. Unlike an unwieldy gardenhose, the trigger sprayer is also highly portable, and can be lifted to water hanging plants, or used indoors without causing mess.


Moreover, the tripper sprayer is easy to clean. Simply rinse it out and re-use, or put it in the dishwasher if extra cleaning is needed for insecticides. The durable plastic means it will have a long life, and can be stored out of doors or in a tool shed or garage. Its size makes is storable just about anywhere.


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Ideal for watering plants, or dispensing DIY insecticides, the trigger sprayer is a must for the home and office gardener. As you can see on our trigger sprayer page, we have multiple styles and colors to choose from. Available in small to large quantities, we’ve got your needs covered when it comes to trigger sprayers and the bottles that go with them. If you don’t see exactly what you need, just ask. Our All In Packaging sales representatives are here to help.