Your home or apartment isn’t the only place that will benefit from a spring cleaning. If you have a car and have neglected it for the chilly winter months, now is the time to give it a thorough washing outside and in. To keep the interior smelling fresh, keep a DIY car air freshener handy. You can easily concoct a pleasant smelling air freshener with essential oils and using an aluminum jar. Read on to discover how.


To make your DIY air freshener from an aluminum jar you are going to need a few things. First, an aluminum jar of any size. You will also need an awl or a small nail, a hammer, baking soda, and the essential oil of your choice, be it primrose or almond.

First remove the lid from the jar. The with the awl or small nail, poke holes in the aluminum lid. If you need to use a hammer to tap through the light metal, do it carefully, so as not to injure your fingers. There should be fifteen holes or so. Next, fill the jar halfway up with baking soda. Into that, mix in 15 to 20 drops of essential oil. Re-seal the jar with the lid, and there you have it: your DIY car air freshener. Place this freshener on the dashboard, or fix a handle to it with a piece of string and hang it from the rearview mirror. Or, you can hide it away under the seat, being careful around turns so it doesn’t spill.


autóápolás2One advantage to such a freshener is that it repurposes the aluminum jar, which may have had a previous life as a cosmetics container, or a container for a hair or skin care product. Aluminum is highly recyclable, but this will save the energy of that process, and will save on the cost of buying a new air freshener. DIY products are also fun to make, and give the user the satisfaction of having done something for themselves.


This spring, check out our collection of aluminum jars and essential oils that can be used for a DIY car air freshener, and for so many other purposes. Let this air freshener ride in the passenger seat; it will be the ideal travel companion. For all your container and packaging needs, come have a look at our All In Packaging webshop, where we always keep it fresh with new products and services.

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