If there is one plastic item that begins to pile up, it’s bottles and the caps that invariably come with them. Plastic bottles are easily repurposed, and you can search this blog for numerous ideas on how to do just that. The caps, however, are not so easy to reuse. Still we have looked far and wide to discover some amazing ideas to reuse and repurpose your plastic bottle caps and  mini-caps. Have a look below to see what we have found. 


Make a grain container. If you cut off the top to a plastic bottle, you can use this, along with the cap, to make a container for grains. With the grains in a plastic bag, push the opening through the cut-off top of the bottle, then fold over the sides. The top will still close, and this easy-to-make contraption will make the grain pourable and storable.


Make a double SIM card holder. You will need two cut off tops for this one. Sand down the rough edges of the cut plastic, and glue them together, separated by a piece of cardboard cut to size. The caps keep the SIM cards dry and safe. Simple as that, you have a two-sided SIM card holder, easily opened by unscrewing the caps.


Make a Candle Holder. This is the easiest one, and best for use with small candles. Simply melt some wax into the cap, then firmly place a small, birthday-candle size candle into the cap, and there you have it: a tiny candle holder.


Make a Condiment Dispenser. First soften the plastic of a cap with the flame of a lighter. Then poke a hole through the soft plastic with a toothpick. This will create a spout-like shape. Screw the cap back on and it will easily dispense liquids like vinegar or catsup.


Make a Toothbrush Holder: With a box-cutter, cut out squares from opposite sides of your cap. Adhere the cap to a bathroom wall and delight at how easily a toothbrush fits there.


If you need a visual demonstration of any of these projects, simply search for “amazing things to do with used bottle caps” on YouTube. And for new bottle caps, you can search our webshop. Along with a wide variety of plastic bottles, we offer bottle caps and mini-caps. Stop by and see all we have to offer in terms of containers and so much more.


Source: WEAREX Youtube channel.