As tender roots take hold in the soil and seedlings begin to sprout; as fruit grows on trees and flowers bloom the world becomes a warm green haven for not just people, but for insects as well. Spring is when mosquitoes begin to bite, and gnats and horse flys become a nuisance. Luckily, ingenious people have come up with repellents that will keep such pests at bay, without the use of harmful chemicals. Read on to discover how essential oils play an important role in DIY insect repellents.

Strong, citrusy odors are natural insect repellents. This means that essential oils such as citronella, sweet orange, and lemon will go a long way as effective ingredients in any DIY insect repellent formula. Strong smelling lavender oil is another ideal solution. Because they are natural, and smell great, so many home repellent manufacturers are turning to essential oils as they seek to offer a product that is not filled with chemicals which may be dangerous to both bugs and humans.


Such natural repellents are surprisingly easy to make. First, take a spray bottle, and make sure it has been cleaned thoroughly. Pour in two ounces of purified water, be it from boiling or distilling. Add an ounce of Witch Hazel. Into this, you will shake 50 to 75 drops of the essential oil of your choice, or a mixture of oils. Keep in mind that some oils work better at keeping away certain insects. Use whatever combination you wish, but be sure to keep the oil at under 15 percent potency, to maintain a safe proportion. Some people recommend adding jojoba oil to your mixture for its moisturizing properties, but it is not necessary. Once your DIY insect repellent is ready, spray it evenly over exposed skin. You can also spray it around a room so it gets to the insects before the even find you.


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