If you are somebody who likes to concoct all-natural products for your home, like cleaners, bath products, and insect repellents, then you know what you are looking for in a great container. Chances are you have been using a fine mist sprayer to store and dispense your product. There are lots of reasons why the fine mist sprayer is an ideal container for DIY products like insect repellents. Let’s have a look at a few.


In spring and summer, insects come out in force, and while they are mostly harmless and keep to themselves, it does happen that insects trespass yards and homes and become a nuisance. Homemade insect repellents are a popular solution to this problem. Savvy makers of insect repellents use containers like the fine mist sprayer. This is because it is ideal for insect repellents and other substances that need to be evenly and easily distributed over the body. The pump action of the sprayer makes it easy to use, and the spraying device that mists the liquid in the bottle ensures you will get an even dose each time, without the mess associated with greasy lotions or gels.


Another advantage to the fine mist sprayer is that it is made of transparent plastic. This helps in a few ways. Because you can see through the container, you will know how much is left, so you can prepare another batch before it runs out. Moreover, using some essential oils will give the concoction an attractive color. And being made out of PET plastic means that the bottle will be in little danger of breaking in transport and in use. PET plastic is known for durability, and for being a lightweight type of plastic.

But you needn’t relegate the fine mist sprayer to just the garden. It is also a great container for bath products like scents, and air fresheners, or window polish. Or it could be used for shoe deodorizers and for use with other household chemicals. It is an all-around versatile container. If any of these ideas appeal to you and you want to have a look at a great fine mist sprayer, you needn’t look further than the All In Packaging webshop, where you can find this container and so many more.