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DIY Face Mask Labeling Tips

As we have written about before in this blog, increasingly consumers are becoming wary of large-scale industrial products, particularly when they come in contact with their bodies. This has left the door open for entrepreneurs and small boutique cosmetics and body-care product manufacturers to win sales through DIY all natural products. Take face masks, for [...]

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Glass Containers’ Utility For Food Storage In Your Kitchen

There are many reasons to buy glass containers – one of the best is for their immense utility for the purpose of food storage in the kitchen. Glass is one of the most popular packaging materials, used in all industries and for various purposes. The role of glass in food packaging can never be denied. [...]

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Importance of Product Information In Packaging Labels

We all know that packaging labels are very important. Customers look for the labels on products to learn more about the contents. So, why are the packaging labels so important, actually? Does it make any difference if these labels are not provided or if they do not contain the necessary information? Here is a brief [...]

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Most Important Packaging Features for Consumers

Have you wondered how successful brands package their products? How are their products different from the ones which are not so successful?   Brands need to win over the confidence of the consumers. Their products should be loved by buyers, and should make them feel comfortable and at ease. Every package from top manufacturers needs [...]

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The Convenience of Using Plastic Packaging

If it is packaging, plastic is the first choice. No matter what your budget is, or what kind of product you need to package – plastic is always the top choice.   Packaging has to be beneficial for the sellers as well as the consumers. For the sellers, the packaging material should be easily available; [...]

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Why You Need To Buy Trigger Sprayers

Trigger sprayers have been in use for a long time. However, as per the day’s requirements, the sprayers have changed in their form, design, and functionalities. Today, you will find these sprayers in a large number of sizes, shapes, colours, and features. There are sprayers for different purposes. They are designed keeping in mind the purpose [...]

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The Difference Between Green and Pink Clay

It is known that both green and pink clay make for excellent components of home-made cosmetics products. Manufacturers, no matter what size, prize clay for its ability to extract impurities from the skin. This contributes to cleaner skin and helps the exfoliation process. But aside from the obvious fact that one is green, and one [...]

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Popular Ingredients for DIY Soap Making

As we mentioned in an earlier post, DIY soap has never been more popular. Small-batch manufacturers and consumers alike are turning away from the harsh chemicals and artificial colors and fragrances that can be found in industrial-scale soaps made by huge conglomerates. And with the help of the Internet, DIY soaps have never been easier [...]

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Labeling Tips for DIY Soap

As more and more people turn to creating homemade body-care products or cosmetics, many are finding a demand beyond their personal use, and are selling their creations at craft fairs, farmers’ markets, or over the Internet. But if you are serious about selling your DIY product, you need to be serious about the labeling as [...]

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Coffee Pouches at All In Packaging

As we wrote in an earlier post, coffee -- be it whole bean or ground -- is one of those goods that greatly benefits from labeling and good packaging. This is primarily because people who buy coffee are particular. They have specific tastes, and want those tastes to be catered to, which includes packaging that [...]

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Labeling Trends and Tips for Coffee Beans

Coffee bean roasting is one of those industries that thrives at a small scale. Coffee lovers prize local roasters who use carefully sourced beans to roast and sell as whole beans or ground for premium coffee. As this is a specialty item, and a relatively new trend, how to properly label small batch coffee beans [...]

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The Value of Vacuum Packaging Food

Spring and summer bounties from home gardens and food bought from farmers’ markets make for meals that are abundant in fresh produce. It is also when fresh home-grown herbs and spices begin to get harvested. There is little downside to fresh whole food, though the fact that it is fresh means it will go bad [...]

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Tubes for DIY Hand Sanitizer

As mentioned in an earlier post, hand sanitizer is one of those products that has taken the market by storm over the previous decade. People just want that extra added security of knowing they can do something to protect themselves from the countless invisible germs we are exposed to every day. Home manufacturers and DIY [...]

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DIY Tea Tree And Lavender Oil Hand Sanitizer

In the last decade, hand sanitizers have gone from being a niche product to being one of the most popular items at drugstore and chemist checkouts. Schools and companies buy sanitizer in bulk in hopes of keeping students and workers healthy and productive. But hand sanitizers by necessity may come with their own hazards, in [...]

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