Airless packages make a great choice for several types of cosmetics. In the cosmetics industry, these packages are considered to be of great importance for complete formula protection and for offering great shelf stability. If such packages are used, it helps in reducing the use of chemical preservation, which is not desired in cosmetics, due to their adverse effects on the skin.

Thus, many brands prefer to use airless packaging, for formula preservation and maintaining the shelf life of their products. These packages are used for packaging a number of hair care products, creams, lotions, gels, and other products which need to be protected from the hazards of the environment.


airless dispenserAirless Bottles:

Airless bottles are the most popular choice for packaging cosmetics, since these bottles help in keeping away external moisture and air. The formula stays well protected and shelf stability is improved. If lotions, creams, or other products are stored in these special airless bottles, the need for chemical preservation is reduced.


Mechanism Used To Increase Effectiveness:

Airless packages are quite effective because they use a unique piston mechanism. There is a pump in each such package. The piston slowly rises and helps in pushing the product a bit upward. This, in turn, creates a quick vacuum as soon as the product gets dispensed. The created vacuum slowly removes waste in two ways. There is an airless environment which helps in preserving the freshness and efficacy of a product. Airless packages are more effective than all other traditional packages. Besides this, when such packages are used, every drop of the product is well utilized, as it is completely extracted. Thus, product wastage is completely eliminated with the use of airless packaging.

There are many airless cosmetic packages which utilize a plastic pouch. This is usually inside a jar or a bottle, and helps in keeping the product totally airtight.


These days, buyers are quite aware of the advantages of airless packages. Brands are now ensuring that products are packaged in airless bottles only. Thus, consumers are quite aware of the effectiveness of using the airless dispensers. Thus, more and more buyers are now opting for airless packages and not the usual conventional way of dipping the finger into the product. This is never an appropriate way to use any skin cream or a lotion.


Helps To Keep Cosmetics In Good Condition:

Brands are now quite aware that there are many formulations which can actually dry out if exposed to outside pressure and temperature. They tend to get contaminated as well, if they are not packaged well enough. Thus, these days suppliers are regularly offering various kinds of airless packaging solutions, which help in keeping different products protected.


These days, after great research, suppliers now provide several airless components which are suitable for different kinds of skin care products. These days, beauty products are now quite advanced and packaging needs to be effective enough to stay up to the standard of these products. Airless dispensing units are perfect for keeping up with the customer expectations.

Though, there are several types of products which derive several benefits from such airless packaging, skin care cosmetics are the prime category. In order to preserve the efficacy of the ingredients, the use of such kind of packaging is extremely important.