Fast food giant McDonald’s has vowed to completely change its packaging system by the year 2025. The company aims to ensure that all its packaging is completely renewable or is made using a specific material which is totally recyclable.

Craft paper eco-friendly food packaging with cherries. Disposable cups on a neutral gray background with copy space. Preserving nature and recycling concept.

The decision has garnered a lot of praise all over the world. It is expected that several other companies will follow in the footsteps of McDonald’s and do their part in saving the environment with excellent packaging material. This kind of packaging will not just offer protection to the product but will also do its bit in protecting the environment.

McDonald has 37,000 restaurants in different places of the world. It aims to achieve this target, all over the world, by 2025. In recent times, just half of the entire packaging from McDonald had been made using sustainable materials. Just 10% of its outlets use recycling. This was revealed by the company quite recently.


In the recent times, most supermarkets and fast-food companies are under immense pressure to get rid of wasteful packaging. This is mainly due to concerns over environmental damage concerns and excessive media exposure. Buyers are quite conscious these days and they expect recyclable packaging.


A McDonald’s spokesperson revealed that the company aims at reducing their impact on the environment. The spokesperson revealed that ever since the year 2015, the company has been making all endeavours to install various recycling units all over the world. The main aim of installing these units is to help reduce their environmental impact. With such modern machinery, customers will now be able to separate the paper cups from the different kinds of waste packaging that is available. Thus, paper cups can now be recycled easily.


Retailers in places like Iceland are now planning to remove all plastics from their packaging in the next five years. The Government aims to reduce the use of plastic in all sectors as much as possible. The main aim of McDonald’s is to save the environment. The company wants to do its own bit in saving the environment. They are ready to accept all challenges which they might have to face in the process.


Recently, the company has updated its important environment policy. The announcement came just after this. The aim of the company is to reduce harmful packaging in its different restaurants throughout the world. The main aim of the restaurant is to increase the number of wrappers, straws, bags, and other renewable materials that are used in daily packaging. The aim of the company is to ensure usage of 100% recyclable material in packaging. At present just 10% of packaging material used in McDonalds can be recycled.


Recently it has been noticed and revealed that customers have shown an increased demand for environmentally friendly food packages. People expect packages which can be recycled and which offer complete protection to the products. If there is an increased awareness of recycled products, the world will certainly be a better place to live.

A lot of changes are expected in the food packaging industry in the next few years. We need to just wait and watch how things might change.

Picture Source: Envato Elements