As mentioned in an earlier post, hand sanitizer is one of those products that has taken the market by storm over the previous decade. People just want that extra added security of knowing they can do something to protect themselves from the countless invisible germs we are exposed to every day. Home manufacturers and DIY enthusiasts have taken to the product as well, crafting pleasant-smelling, all natural hand sanitizers from products like tea tree oil and lavender essential oils. Such products are easy to make at home, but need a container if you want to keep them for use over time. We are here to recommend a great tube for your DIY hand sanitizer. Read on to learn all about our assortment of tubes.

Plastic tubes, like the ones we have available at All In Packaging, will be great containers for your hand sanitizer. A container like our 15 ml. tube with a silver dispenser head will work wonders when used with DIY home cosmetics products. Foremost, it is the ideal size for products that will experience daily use. This classy little container can be easily slipped into a purse, travel pouch, or briefcase and pulled out when needed.


Next, the attractive silver dispenser will add some polish to a homemade product. It looks like they type of container a high-end product would come in. Moreover, the dispenser will make sanitizer easy to use. With this tube there is no need to worry about mess or getting too large a dose, which is a problem unto itself. The device creates even doses, done mess free.

Made of PE plastic, the tube for DIY hand sanitizer will be durable, so you needn’t worry about it breaking or getting damaged in transport. But this isn’t the only tube we have. Our sortment comes in all sizes, from 15 ml. all the way up to 250 ml. With various kinds of tops and caps, you can be sure that if you are a DIY maker of shampoos, or body care products, you will also find what you are looking for here. Just stop by the All In Packaging webshop to see all we have to offer by way of tubes, and so many other packaging solutions. And if you don’t see what you need, just ask.