Spring and summer bounties from home gardens and food bought from farmers’ markets make for meals that are abundant in fresh produce. It is also when fresh home-grown herbs and spices begin to get harvested. There is little downside to fresh whole food, though the fact that it is fresh means it will go bad faster than processed foods that may contain added preservatives to will keep them from going off. One solution to keeping leftover food fresh is to vacuum pack it. This will keep harmful oxygen and moisture from reaching the perishable and allowing it to deteriorate.


Vacuum packaging may seem like a complex, industrial process, but it is really quite easy to do with a home vacuum packer. Such a contraption is ideal for the home cook, gardener, or restauranteur who regularly has surplus food to save and keep fresh. And vacuum packaging has many advantages beyond just keeping food fresh. Read on to discover more.


Vacuum packaging will mean reduced product loss. If you can easily and safely store food over an extended period of time, it will go a long way in reducing food waste. This reduces costs if you are running a restaurant, and will have the same effect if you are running a household.


Harmful preservatives are kept out of the mix when you are able to vacuum package. This makes for more healthful, natural meals. Vacuum packaging is one of the food industries’ favored methods for this reason.

When you use a table top vacuum packager, like the ones available at All In Packaging, you will be able to store food both efficiently and cleanly. The easy to use machine does the hard work in a way that avoids mess and saves time. Moreover, the vacuum packaged goods can be stored in individual portions, which makes serving easy as well.


If it is a food product you are selling, you will see increased product visibility with the transparent vacuum packaging. The customer will be able to see the product, which can be a huge advantage if it looks naturally appetizing.


We invite you to stop by our webshop and have a look at the tabletop vacuum packaging machines we have on offer. We are sure you will find them appealing in their convenience and affordability. If you prefer to store food in plastic containers, we have those as well. And if you don’t see what you need for food storage, just let us know.