Coffee bean roasting is one of those industries that thrives at a small scale. Coffee lovers prize local roasters who use carefully sourced beans to roast and sell as whole beans or ground for premium coffee. As this is a specialty item, and a relatively new trend, how to properly label small batch coffee beans is a concept that is developing rapidly. We are here with some tips for what should go into a great label for roasted whole beans, which will help if you are a large roaster or a small player in the field.


It seems obvious, but bears repeating, that sellers of coffee need to know their product and market. Different markets, from suburban mall dwellers to urban sophisticates, will have different preferences for both coffee and its labeling. The better idea you have of who will be buying the coffee, the better you can target them with your labeling.

Next, it is important to include the characteristics of the varietal that you are selling. By now, people understand that beans are like wine grapes, and where they are sourced is important. An Ethiopian bean will have a very different flavor than one from Brazil. But this can be confusing to first-time customers, so it is helpful if the beans’ individual qualities are on the label to help the consumer in making a decision.


Bag size is also something to consider. Rare, single-plantation sourced beans may be expensive, and therefore more accessible to the average customer if sold in a smaller quantity. Conversely, coffee one drinks daily (or hourly in some cases) will likely be less expensive, and therefore sold in a larger bag. Luckily, at All In Packaging, we have a selection of bags and pouches for you to choose from.


Finally, you need to consider whether you want to print a peel-off label, or print directly onto the bag or pouch. Some companies, like Starbucks, actually experiment with both, and also sometimes use both methods on the same bag, to get a product that is heavily branded but also specific to the type of bean. Each type of printing, from tampo to laser to silkscreen, has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can read a bit about that on our site here. We can also provide consultation as to label design, in addition to the printing of the labels, as well as the coffee bags or pouches. Stop by to see what all the buzz is about when it comes to coffee bag labels at All In Packaging!