As we wrote in an earlier post, coffee — be it whole bean or ground — is one of those goods that greatly benefits from labeling and good packaging. This is primarily because people who buy coffee are particular. They have specific tastes, and want those tastes to be catered to, which includes packaging that expresses the qualities of the coffee they are buying. At All In Packaging, we also take coffee seriously, and have in our sortment a wonderful solution to packaging whole bean and ground coffee in our stand up, kraft paper, aluminum zipper pouches for coffee. Keep reading to learn why they are just right for so many kinds of coffee.

Foremost the brown pouch, made of kraft paper, looks the part for coffee. It has a warm, homemade feel that is perfect for small roasters. Moreover, the broad surfaces on the pouch will accommodate whatever branding you choose, be it printed directly on the paper or as a surface for printed labels, or both.


Next, the pouches stand up on their own. This makes for easy storage, and also will be eye catching on a store shelf. The shape and size mean it can be easily shipped and stored. And once the bag is empty of product, it can be reused for more beans, or to store other household items like rubber bands and buttons, or even other foodstuffs, if you are able to get the coffee smell out.


The aluminum zipper across the top makes for easy and secure closure. Coffee, like so many other perishables, does not benefit from light or oxygen. With the tight seal, you will get from the zipper, the coffee will stay fresh for longer than with a regular twist-tie closure. It also gives the product a premium feel; and in the case of coffee, this may be appropriate, as coffee frequently is considered a premium product.

At All In Packaging, we have multiple kinds of pouches for coffee in our sortment. They vary in sizes, from 100 grams, up to 500 grams, depending on what you need.  Stop by and see what’s percolating with our wonderful stand-up pouches for coffee. And if you need labels for those pouches, we can help you there too. Just give one of our sales reps a call.