As more and more people turn to creating homemade body-care products or cosmetics, many are finding a demand beyond their personal use, and are selling their creations at craft fairs, farmers’ markets, or over the Internet. But if you are serious about selling your DIY product, you need to be serious about the labeling as well. This is especially true with an item like soap, where there is so much competition in the DIY market. That’s why we are here with some labelling tips for your DIY or small batch soap, to enable you to get the most out of your label, and sell more soap.


Industrial soaps are, ironically, made with any number of chemicals and artificial fragrances. If you are making all-natural soaps, you want your label to reflect the purity of ingredients. This means using a palate of natural colors on the label. In other words, nothing to zany or whimsical, but rather use neutral colors that match the natural purity of the soap.  

DIY soap labels thrive on the ‘less is more’ concept. They needn’t be busy, loaded with impressive illustrations and complicated text. To reflect the simple pleasure of a good soap, the label should be kept simple. Minimal illustrations and only necessary text will do the trick here. Soap is not a ‘busy’ product, so the label needn’t be either.


Be sure to list the ingredients. One of the primary reasons people buy DIY soap is because it is chemical-free and loaded with interesting, inspiring, natural ingredients. Be sure people have the opportunity of seeing the lovingly chosen ingredients on the label.


The label should reflect the customer it is being marketed to. If it is a soap for men, go with bold text; if it is a fragrant soap for women, make it more floral. The label should communicate the essence of the soap so its audience can easily find it amid a shelf or table of other soaps.


Of course at All In Packaging, we don’t only have advice, but offer professional label consultation, as well as label printing for almost any packaging or container.  Moreover, we have essential oils and raw ingredients for your DIY soap. Just give us a call and talk to a sales representative. We are here to support you in all your soap-making and labeling endeavours.