As we mentioned in an earlier post, DIY soap has never been more popular. Small-batch manufacturers and consumers alike are turning away from the harsh chemicals and artificial colors and fragrances that can be found in industrial-scale soaps made by huge conglomerates. And with the help of the Internet, DIY soaps have never been easier to buy and sell. But despite the proliferation of such products, they do share some commonalities in their ingredients. This is because there are certain raw ingredients that work best in soap recipes. We’re here with a brief breakdown of commonly used natural soap ingredients, and why they are favored by quality soap makers everywhere.


Olive oil. Olive oil is just one of those miracle ingredients. Its nutritional properties are well known, but perhaps its use as an ingredient in moisturizers is less obvious. In soap, it is a stable and reliable ingredient used for its moisturizing characteristics. Moreover, it has a pleasing smell, and consumers always like to see an ingredient on the label they are already familiar with.


Almond oil is also favored by home soap-makers. Foremost, its fragrance enhances any recipe. Also, almond oil is prized for its skin-conditioning ability. Plus, like olive oil, it is recognizable and easy to market.


Shea butter and Cocoa butter are both commonly used in homemade soaps. Shea butter for its moisturizing properties, and cocoa butter for its rich fragrance. Cocoa butter is also used as a hardening agent. Both are substitutes for the animal fat often used in industrial soaps.


Coconut oil is increasingly used as an ingredient in all sorts of DIY products, including homemade soap. One thing it contributes to a bar of soap is the ability to create a good lather, something that is so important in the product’s use.


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