It is known that both green and pink clay make for excellent components of home-made cosmetics products. Manufacturers, no matter what size, prize clay for its ability to extract impurities from the skin. This contributes to cleaner skin and helps the exfoliation process. But aside from the obvious fact that one is green, and one is pink, what are the differences between green and pink clay? You may be surprised to learn that the differences are more than superficial, and each clay has its own special characteristics. Read on to learn more about the differences between green and pink clay.

Green clay is prized for the balance it gives to problem skin types and skin conditions, including things like oily skin and acne. The clay is known for its ability to extract and absorb excess oil from the skin. Along the way, it will unclog the pores, lessening the chances of pimples and blackheads on the surface. In addition to being a superb cleaner, the clay is known to restore Ph balance to the skin. Moreover, it is claimed that green clay will actually contribute to cell regeneration. This makes a very strong case indeed for green clay.

Pink clay is also an ideal component in skin care products. It is prized for its ability to reduce inflammation and combat common skin irritations. For products that are geared towards sensitive skin, pink clay is essential. The compound known as Silica is found in pink clay. Silica is known to contribute to the elasticity of the skin, as well as cell regeneration. Moreover, pink clay is rich in exfoliating properties. This means the skin will be left clean, nourished, and radient when pink clay is used.


Both pink and green clay are common ingredients in DIY face masks. For the above reasons, they will help any skin care product achieve the promise of healthier and more youthful looking skin. No matter which type of product you are making, All In Packaging has the right clay for you, be it green or pink. Moreover, we have tubes, bottles, toddles or even glass jars to store your face mask or skin care product in. Just stop by our webshop and see all the great ingredients and container on offer. And if you don’t see what you need, just ask.