Have you wondered how successful brands package their products? How are their products different from the ones which are not so successful?


Brands need to win over the confidence of the consumers. Their products should be loved by buyers, and should make them feel comfortable and at ease. Every package from top manufacturers needs to be perfect in terms of design, style, convenience, and above all protection of the product. Consumers don’t like any compromise on the quality of the product which they are purchasing because they want true value for their money.


So, what are the most important packaging features for consumers which buyers expect? Undoubtedly, brands are well aware that the packaging of the product is as important as the protection of the product. Packaging companies work round the clock so that they are able to bring in creativity and innovation to the products which are of utmost importance and necessary for grabbing customer attention.


Customers expect a number of features from their packaging. Let us know about the best packaging features which are thought to be the most crucial for buyers.


Zipper Packages –

You must have seen the special press to close zippers on packaging. This is a popular form of packaging feature which is quite in demand these days, especially in the food industry. The package where you will be using press-to-close zippers might be simple seasonings for your dry pasta or other dry seasoning. These press zippers help in keeping the product fresh and in top condition.


Tear Notches:

This feature of any product helps consumers in opening pouches easily. All that is needed is simply a tear and pull. This feature of the package might appear to be quite a minor detail, but if it is missing, it will be quickly noticed by the buyers. If your package doesn’t have a tear notch, it will mean instant dissatisfaction. The customer will not be happy, as they will face trouble and difficulty in opening this bag or pouch. If there is a tear, it will increase the utility and functionality of a product. This is especially true when the product has small granular items or small items which might spill if the product isn’t opened properly.


Fitments and Spouts:

This is one flexible and unique feature of packaging which can be used in a number of different varieties of foods, liquids, and also in other industries. In fact, several household products are also capped off using such fitments and spouts. The main aim of using these spits or fitments is to reseal the products after proper use. This will ensure that the product is maintained in good condition and offers years of durability.


Product Windows:

If there are clear windows in the product packages, they will definitely be popular. Honest messaging is what consumers look for in product packages. If consumers are able to see clearly what they will get in the package, it will be easier to purchase that product.  This is one way by which consumers can ensure the great transparency of a product.


These were some of the top features of product packaging which consumers love to look for when buying any product.