As we have written about before in this blog, increasingly consumers are becoming wary of large-scale industrial products, particularly when they come in contact with their bodies. This has left the door open for entrepreneurs and small boutique cosmetics and body-care product manufacturers to win sales through DIY all natural products. Take face masks, for instance. This is one of the more popular DIY products, due to the simple recipes involved. But even DIY makers of face masks have to keep in mind the importance of labeling their product, if they want to sell them over the Internet. Multinationals have marketing departments behind them, but DIY makers are usually one-person operations. That’s why we are here with a few labeling tips.


Foremost, it’s important to adhere to national labeling guidelines. In the USA, for instance, the FDA sets out labeling guidelines for many types of cosmetics. Each country will have different ways your label will have to comply if you want to sell in that territory.


One common form of compliance is that you may have to state the ingredients in product on the label. With natural facemasks, this should not be a problem, as you want to stress the ingredients, the very things that differentiate your product from those that are mass produced. If It’s almond based, make that prominent. Show off the natural purity of the product on the label. That is, of course, one of the main reasons why people are buying it.


Next, it is important that you make no unsubstantiated medical claims about the product. If it’s not backed by a scientific study, you risk running afoul of authorities. All claims about the product should be able to be verified.


The label itself will benefit from being kept simple, with easy to look at, neutral colors. It’s up to you if you want the label printed directly on the container, which may be smart if you are using a tube, or on a pre-printed label, which would benefit a glass jar.

No matter how you label your DIY face mask, we are here to support you with professional consultation and printing. From tampo to off-set to laser, we offer all sorts of label printing methods, and can even consult with you on the design. And of course was have all the containers you will need, from tubes to jars and bottles. Drop into our All In Packaging webshop for these services, and so many more.