The avocado is really having its moment in the sun. In addition to being the ‘it’ food with millennials and older folks alike, home cosmetics makers are only beginning to discover all of its wonderful properties when used in skin care products. We are here to tell you it is true, and to back the claim up with a wonderful avocado-oil based anti-aging skin cream. Read on to discover the benefits of avocado in skin care and give this recipe a try for better, more youthful skin.


First, mix ¼ cup avocado oil with a few tablespoons of coconut oil (another wonder ingredient). Along with that, mix in 2 tablespoons of beeswax, ½ tablespoon of vitamin E oil and a tablespoon of Shea butter. Scoop this from your bowl into a glass jar. Put the unlidded jar into a pot filled 4 inches high with water and turn on the heat. Let it simmer, stirring as the ingredients melt in the jar. Once it is entirely melted, pour it all into another jar and let it sit until the concoction hardens. Put a lid on the jar, and put it aside in a shaded cool spot, until ready to use.


avocadoSuch a cream will transport all the benefits of avocado oil to your skin. These include gently, naturally acting as a UV deterrent, protecting your skin from the sun. Avocado oil also is rich in collagen-producing elements. These will act to repair damaged skin. Moreover, the fatty acids and vitamins found in avocado oil will act as natural moisturizers. That’s the real ‘rub’ when it comes to face cream, as dehydration is one of the primary causes of aged-looking skin. Moisturized skin is healthy skin.


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