Our core expertise is in packaging and containers, so when we post a recipe for some super all-natural DIY skin or hair care product, or a cool create-it-at-home cosmetic, we back it up with the practical things you need to both make the product (in the form of ingredients) and importantly, to store, transport, and sell the product in. Our transparent 250 ml jar is one such item that is popular with DIY producers of skin care products and cosmetics. Read on to discover all the benefits of this practical and useful PET plastic jar.


Foremost, the size of our transparent jar is just right for a product like a quality face mask or face scrub. It’s not so small that the consumer will run out, and not so large that the all natural ingredients will risk deteriorating or going off. The size is also right for a product label that will include as much information as you need to convey about the product, while leaving room for the transparent plastic to allow the natural qualities and color of the face mask to shine through. This is important, as natural products tend to also have naturally pleasing colors. It can be a huge advantage if the consumer can see the product and forms an attachment with it visually. With its 63 ml neck, the end user will have no trouble scooping the face mask out, be it with their fingers or with a spoon.


Next, our jar is going to be durable, because it is made from PET plastic. PET is one of the most widely used plastics, because it is inexpensive, lightweight, and can withstand some knocking around. The same cannot be said for a material like glass. While storing a face mask in a glass jar has its own advantages, one of them is not durability, as glass may break during transport, which is something producers who sell over the Internet need to be vigilant about. Moreover, consumers like that PET plastic can be recycled.

More practically, our 250 ml plastic jar is priced to move, both in small and large quantities. If you need just one, or if you need one thousand, we can accomodate you. And if you are indeed making DIY face masks, don’t hesitate to have a look at our raw cosmetics ingredients, which includes so many essential oils. And if you don’t see what you need, just give us a call and ask a sales representative. We are here to help.