Soon the autumn is here and we should prepare for this season not just our souls, but our lips too. To prevent the cracked and painful lips, try to make your own Macaron Lip Balm.


Let us share with you a new recipe:


  1. Make sure that every tool is perfectly clean before beginning preparation.
  2. Boil 2 inches of water in a small pot.
  3.  Put 6 grams of castor oil and 1.5 grams of beeswax into a measuring cup. Then, place the cup into the how water to melt the ingredients.
  4. When they’ve melted add 4.5 grams of cocoa butter (preferably chocolate-scented), and wait for it to melt too. You can speed up the process by shaking it gently.
  5. Last (but not least) add the 4 grams shea butter to the mixture and let it melt.
  6. Take the cup out of the water, let it cool a bit then add 2-3 drops of vitamin E, to make your balm last longer.
  7. You can add scented oils. My suggestions are 2-3 drops of vanilla or orange oils (or both). As always, make sure you use natural and quality ingredients.
  8. Pour the mixture into a container and let it solidify for an hour.

This lip balm will protect your lips in any weather, all year. A truly fantastic product, also for men and children.


You can find everything you’ll need in our webshop: DIY lip balm kit with Macaron jar