Make-up pouches help in keeping our cosmetics accessories organized and easily accessible whenever we need them. Keeping in mind these requirements, our make-up pouches are available in different sizes and shapes. So, if you are going for a short trip and you need to carry just your basic accessories, you can pick a small size pouch. If you love to carry everything, there are the larger sized pouches, which are portable, have compartments, and of course are stylish.


You can easily keep all your lipstick cases, brushes, eye-makeup, and other items neatly organized. If you are worried whenever there is a need for carrying your make-up accessories and you need some more utility f in these pouches, the good news is that you can use the pouches in several other ways as well. All you need is to be a little innovative while using the pouches. So, if you are running short of ideas, here are some convenient uses for your make-up pouches, aside from using them for carrying your make-up.


  • Carry Your Money – yes, you read it right! These make-up pouches can be used for carrying cash. You can easily keep your coins organized and carry them along. Since there are different compartments and the pouches are easily secured, you can always carry your money with confidence. Just pack the money and carry your pouch in your regular handbag or side-bag as you travel.
  • Keep Your Medicine Organized – Make-up pouches can be conveniently used to have all your medicine organized. If you need to take some pills on a regular basis, you can have them organized in small pill jars in the pouches. This is a handy way to have them all organized and find them whenever there is a need.
  • Keep Your Rings and Earrings – Many women use their make-up pouches just to store their rings and earrings. If you have them well organized in these pouches, you will not have to frantically look for them when you are in need.
  • Organize Needles and Pins – How do you carry delicate, yet important items like pins and needles, especially when you are traveling? In fact, why only when you are traveling? Many people often find it tough to keep needles organized safely at home. If this has been your problem, you can easily store these small items in pill jars and place these tiny jars in the make-up pouches. Once you seal the pouch, you are assured that they are completely safe.
  • Store Candies – This is perhaps one of the most popular uses of make-up pouches. The best part is that you can safely store candies or chocolates along with your make-up accessories. If you love to snack as you travel and you are too lazy to carry any other additional pouch with you, these make-up bags are just perfect to carry your candies.


These pouches are available from many makers. You will find them made from different materials and in different sizes. You need to pick a pouch as per your requirements to get the one you need. There are several online stores offering good quality pouches at affordable prices.