Are you fond of growing plants and especially in repurposed containers? Container gardening is quite a trend these days as more and more people are using containers of different sizes and shapes for the purpose of gardening. However, a lot depends on the kind of container chosen, because the growth and health of your plants will depend on the nature of the container you have selected. In fact, many gardeners select containers or pots as per personal style and preference, ignoring the needs of plants. Here are some tips for gardeners who are expecting to grow plants at home but do not know the right way of doing so.

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Importance of The Size, Color, Material, and Shape:

No, this is not just about the way the containers look, but the size, color, and shape of the container play an important role in how the water moves through the pot and also how the pot gets its required water. The temperature of the pot also plays an important role in how quickly the nutrients cycle in the pot or in the container. If you are thinking about container gardening, you should also think about the weight and space available inside the container for the healthy growth of plants, especially if you are trying for a vegetable garden.


How Important Is Size?

Many gardeners do not consider the size of the container to be important. In fact, you need to select containers which are big enough, so that you will be able to accommodate the vegetables which you intend to grow in them. There are many plants which need a specific depth for the roots; hence the container needs to be of the desired size. If you plan on growing some specific vegetables, you need to be sure that your selected vegetable varieties grow well in such containers, or in other words, the vegetables get the desired depth.


102945Large Pots, Containers, and Jars:

There are many benefits of growing plants in large containers or jars. This is advantageous because they are able to hold a lot of soil volume. When the pot holds a lot of soil, your plants will become strong and will be resilient. Thus, you might have to water them less frequently. In fact, if you plan on growing herbs you can select small pots or containers as herbs look really cute in small size pots.


What Should Be The Ideal Shape?

Though there is no rule of thumb, gardeners are usually fond of different shapes for container gardening. There are a number of containers, which include rectangular, cylinders, and square-shaped containers. If you are looking for a lesser frequency of watering, you can select pots which are square in shape. If you choose to grow vegetables in straight-sided containers, you need to think about plants which have healthy and a vigorous root system. Plant roots tend to go downwards and do not usually run laterally. This is especially true when surfaces do not dry out frequently, as in the case of container gardening.


So, go ahead with your container gardening and enjoy healthy flowers and vegetables.

Picture Source: Envato Elements