Airless Packaging in the Cosmetics Industry

New developments in the airless packaging of cosmetic products significantly improve the lifespan, purity, and usability of cosmetic products. Airless pump bottles increase the shelf life of expensive creams and serums and are especially useful in the packaging of natural and preservative-free products which may require additional attention and care. Better yet, airless packaging systems offer a stylish and affordable alternative to other packaging systems. 

airless jarsAirless pump bottles employ a simple, but unique design structure, which helps to protect cosmetic products from excessive exposure to air. Airless packaging systems feature a diaphragm that moves with the product to create an airtight seal. The pump design pushes air to the bottom of the packaging, expanding the diaphragm and extruding the product upwards and out of the bottle. This vacuum system ensures efficient delivery of quality product. 

Improvements in packaging: 


  • Extend the shelf life of cosmetics
  • Preserve the purity and integrity of your products
  • Improve functionality, particularly when traveling
  • Are well-designed and stylish

Increased Shelf Life and Cost Savings 

Airless pumps, which reduce air exposure, can increase the shelf life of products by as much as 15 percent. Improved shelf life can translate into substantial cost savings for the buyer. 

This system also contributes to cost savings by reducing, if not outright eliminating, unused product. Conventional cosmetic containers are often discarded prematurely with product remaining in the bottle. When product levels get low, the pump must be removed in order to extract cremes that may stick to the bottom of the bottle. Alternatively, the moving diaphragm feature ensures that no product goes unused. 

Airless pumps are designed to function under substantial duress and are well suited for long trips. Whereas conventional dispensers typically need to rest upright in order to function properly, airless dispensers are designed to work from any resting position. This improved functionality is incredibly helpful while traveling, when cosmetics are often transported with other items in the bottom of luggage. 

Improved Purity of Product 

Cremes and serums, particularly those used for facial skin care, are susceptible to impurities introduced by exposure to air and moisture. This problem is further compounded when using natural, preservative-free products that tend to expire more quickly. Although preservative-free products are a great addition to your cosmetics line, it is important that you select a packaging method that will provide sufficient protection to ensure the lifespan of your trusted products. 

Airless pumps also reduce the possibility of back flow, a process that occurs when air creeps back into packaging during use. 

An important, though little considered, function of airless cosmetic systems is the reduction of exposure to metal components. Many conventional cosmetic pumps rely on metal springs, which can come into contact with and potentially corrupt cosmetics. Alternatively, airless pump bottles are designed with specific attention to such concerns. 

Combining a Concern for Form and Function 

With airless bottles, style is not compromised in the name of improved functionality. Bottles come in a variety of designs and sizes (volumes) depending on your needs. In appearance, airless bottles look much like conventional cosmetic cases, showing a concern for design aesthetics and functionality. 

Bottles also come in several refillable models, meaning that you can easily transfer previously purchased products to new containers. If you have cosmetics at home that did not come with a pump, you can transfer your products with little time and effort. 

Recent improvements in design ensure that airless containers are the next big development in cosmetic product packaging. These improvements contribute significantly to cost savings and help to ensure that your products make it to you in their intended form.