With a large number of mason jars at home, are you running out of ideas how to make the best possible use of them? Well – you just need to be a bit innovative or creative in order to quickly transform all your mason jars into usable products. These interesting ideas will add great utility to the used jars you have at home. Here are some great ideas that you are definitely going to find useful.

mason jar of roses

  • Cup for Beverage or Water Bottle:

To turn the mason jar into a water bottle, you will need a silicone sleeve and lid. When you use a glass container as a bottle, you are assured that your water will not absorb any metallic or plastic taste. You can also add a drop of essential oil in the water for additional flavor.

  •  Mason Jar Salads:

These are quite popular today, since they are easy to prepare. The salad will not get soggy. A special cup can sit in the wide mouthed jar, so dip and dressing can be easily kept separate. The salad will be kept fresh and crispy for a long time.

  • Smart Juicer:

Your mason jar can easily turn into an easy to use smart juicer. The attachments fit easily on the wide-mouth. You can pour your favorite juice in the jar. Since the jars are large in size, you can easily juice a number of fruits at one time. All you need to do is add some water and sugar before serving.

  • Herb Keeper:

Mason jars can be used for keeping herbs for weeks on end. The moisture is well contained and the herb stays fresh till it is used.

  • Honey Pot:

Your mason jar can be easily transformed to a honey pot with a dipper lid. The dipper can be easily stuck in the lid. Thus, you can have the dipper ready to go. There is no worry about the dipper falling into the jar.

  • Piggy Bank:

This is an interesting transformation. You can save all your coins easily in such mason jars, which usually have a lid. You can create a slot in the lid which will help in slipping the coins in easily.

  • Sprouter:

This is a common use of mason jars. The lid is designed so that it looks like a sieve. You can use the jar to sprout grains and also drain different beans and seeds. This includes broccoli, mung beans, and alfalfa. You can also use the sprouter for sifting flour or also for draining nuts.

  • Pepper and Salt Shaker:

This is a clever transformation of the mason jar. You can use it for storing salt and pepper. There is a special dispenser in many jars which can be used for pouring out the pepper and salt together

  • Soap Dispenser:

You can easily transform a regular mason jar into an interesting soap dispenser. You can use a pump adapter along with this. This can be easily done with patience.

  • Herb Garden:

You can use all your mason jars and start a healthy indoor herb garden. The mason jars are easy to use and will not take up a lot of space.

Do you have any more ideas to transform your empty jars?

Picture Source: Envato Elements