The packaging industry is an ever changing one. Every year newer packaging designs, innovations, and technologies bring about change, all for better consumer experience and brand reputation building. In the recent times, digital package printing has become quite popular, with more and more companies using the technology in their packaging design. Consumers too are quite excited about such designing trends and are readily accepting digital package printing.

Marketers are closely monitoring the changes and trends in digital package printing and trying to implement them in their marketing strategies. Let us delve into some facts related to this new technology.


Well – though this might sound like a new technology, digital printing technology has been around for quite some time. It was introduced way back in the 1990s and has been popular since. This technology is quite different from other processes, as it does not depend on having a separate plate for each print run. The colours are usually printed in a single pass. In the case of analog printing, the plates need to be regularly replaced.

What is the reason for the immense popularity of digital print packaging?

The advantages are many – this is a modern technology which certainly offers a better quality. It was developed by some of the top names like Xerox and HP. When this technology is used by the packaging companies, they are able to save a great deal of money, because of the high efficiency of the system. With such a printing technology, it is possible to achieve several impressions without any kind of interruption. It also helps in printing precisely, without any mistakes, clearly and of the volume needed.

Methods of Digital Packaging Printing:

Though there are several methods of ensuring digital package printing, some common methods include the use of laser printers and inkjet printers. It helps in depositing toner or pigment on different substrates which include metal, canvas, plastic, paper, marble, and others. Packaging companies love to use digital printing because it can be used for printing a wide number of products – these include printing magazines, labels, printing on different corrugated boxes, and more. There is actually no limit to the nature of printing available.

Manufacturers love this technique due to its easy set-up process. You can get started with this printing process whenever you decide and reap the many benefits. You do not have to worry too much about elaborate setting-up time. Also, with the use of such technology, wastage can be minimized. In the case of other technologies, there is often a lot of wastage in terms of ink. At times in other methods, the print quality is so poor due to ink related problems that the task needs to be repeated. However, with digital printing, all such problems can be easily done away with.

Companies have come to expect better packaging technologies with the use of digital printing. High-quality printing is assured each time. This helps in improving the brand image of the company. It helps in winning the confidence of customers as well.