Packaging is an important determinant – though often underestimated in many companies. If you are witnessing a sales slump, if things are not happening as you expect and you are not able to achieve good sales, it means something needs to change. It is often seen that in order to increase sales and improve brand image, companies plan on a new packaging design.


New packaging helps in attracting the attention of buyers. It creates a new look, which works as an advantage for the product. This is one of the main reasons why we often notice products launched with new packaging designs and in different styles. How do you know if your product needs new packaging? Here are a few signs which help in understanding that your packaging needs a revamp. If you are able to bring in some of these changes, you are definitely going to find a change in how your package looks.


Packaging Offers No Clue About Product Packaged:

When did you last change your package design? If it has been years since you have changed your packaging design, you definitely need to look for a new design. Your product might not actually be a true representation of your company in such a situation. Suppose you are making candies and you have started using natural colours instead of artificial ones, your packaging display might not be representing the product you are selling.


Your Branding Has Changed?

There are several companies which have gone through a massive rebranding but they actually forget to include the changes in their product packaging. Is this your concern as well? If you have done this, remember your customers might actually get confused. They might not be able to relate to the changes which they know about but which are not reflected in the package.


Too Much Packaging Expense:

There are many companies that spend a lot of money on packaging. If you are noticing that you are spending plenty of money on packaging which is actually not required, you might consider repackaging again. In fact, it is known that that when there is a good packaging redesign, it helps in saving money. It might also help in reducing packaging costs. You can speak to the design team as well, who can help you in cutting down expenses.


Are you lagging behind on new technology?

Is your packaging design smart? Are you using the latest technology? If you have used old fashioned packaging for a long time, it’s important that you change your packaging. You are actually lagging behind on technology. Remember, it is never bad to seek a second opinion. It can actually make a big difference in the bottom line. Consumers expect new technology in their designs. If your packaging doesn’t reflect modern designs, style, or technology, it is certainly going to make a difference.


Lastly, think about reaching out to a new audience. Is your packaging able to connect to the audience? Your packaging design needs to reach out to the consumers. Thus, your package has to be appropriate and should be able to meet the expectations of your consumers. If your packaging is not good enough, it will not be able to do this.