When we start thinking about food safety, most of us consider the way in which food is produced. We take into account the method of food production, the pesticides, if any, used in food production, and about realities like the genetic modification of food. But, did you know that the risks associated with food don’t stop there? In fact, if there is problem with food packaging, it can be a big risk for the health of the consumer. This might include problems like allergic reactions and different illnesses which are caused due to contaminants.  

Whether you are a food packaging company or a consumer, it is important to be aware of a few food packaging mistakes. So, here are some mistakes which shouldn’t actually be a part of food packaging and need to be avoided.

103244BLabeling Problems:

This is one of the most serious mistakes and one which can actually have serious consequences. Mislabelling is quite dangerous, especially in the case of food packaging. If there is one missing ingredient, it can be a health hazard to a person. In fact, it is known, that mislabelling is one of the most common reasons for food recalls. To avoid such a situation, food processors need to ensure that products are correctly labeled, and if there are changes in the product, it is communicated quickly to the buyers. Labeling has to be clear, distinct and needs to include all important information related to the product.

Labeling Mismatch:

This is also quite a common problem. Often, it happens that even though the list of ingredients is printed correctly, a wrong label is placed on the package. The result is actually the same. It causes great confusion for the buyers. They will not get the product which they can see from the label.

Excessive Packaging:

This is quite a common problem these days. Excessive packaging, or the use of unnecessary packaging materials, can be quite annoying. It is not just annoying for the buyers, but also a cause of concern for the environment. Excessive packaging is misleading and causes an increase in costs due to higher transportation costs and other factors.

Contamination Due To Ink:

Did you know that the colour used in food packaging can be harmful to your health? If such colour or ink comes in contact with the surface of the food, there is a great potential of odours and chemicals getting passed on to the food. Thus, ink contamination has always been a cause of concern. If certain ink is used, it needs to be ensured that the ink is actually approved by regulators.

Outside Contaminants:

At times, the food service supplies can actually introduce contaminants to the food. This can happen when the packaging material touches unsanitary surfaces. Also, the water or the air which is used in commercial packaging can introduce various kinds of contaminants. Thus, it is important to avoid such kinds of contamination by establishing some stringent processes along with various quality assurance steps. Thus, it will be ensured that the processes are all followed.

It is important to avoid such packaging mistakes so that your customers have complete confidence in you, your brand reputation isn’t tarnished, and you are able to increase sales of your product.