According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the use of plastics is increasing all over the world. And it is a matter of great concern that use of plastic packaging is increasing. Cheap, capable of being made into any conceivable shape, strong, and durable, plastic is something of a wonder material. It has proved so useful to humans that since the 1950s the production of plastic and plastic products has been ever increasing. Before plastic, most of the containers, jars, and bottles were made of glass. Glass used for food and beverages is fully recyclable and can be recycled again and again. Glass containers are an excellent eco-friendly choice. But, unlike plastic, they are heavy, breakable, and comparatively costly. On the other hand, plastic products like leftover plastic bottles, wrappers, etc. adversely affect wildlife. Both types of packaging – glass packaging and plastic packaging are being used today. Both types of packaging have pros and cons.

105273Glass Packaging:

The traditional consumer prefers glass packaging:
Pros of Glass Packaging:

  1. Glass is an environment-friendly product.
  2. Glass has an almost zero rate of chemical interaction. For this reason, it is always better to preserve preservative-full or chemically enriched food items like vinegar, sauce, fizzy drinks, jam, jelly, etc. in a glass container to keep the aroma, flavour, and strength intact.
  3. Is has been seen that the flavour of dairy products remains as it is much longer in a glass container than in other types of packaging. This is because glass is nonporous and impermeable and does not allow air to mix with the food stuffs inside if you seal it properly. For this same reason, glass packaging keeps your food safe from mould.
    4. Glass is 100% recyclable. Not, only that, the same glass bottles can be used for the same products again and again after industrial cleaning.  Example: A fizzy drinks company washes the used bottle properly in the factory, refills it, and again sends it back to the market. 

Cons of Glass Packaging:
1. Though glass is a strong material, it is also fragile.
2. Glass packaging is comparatively heavy compared to other packaging.
3. Glass packaging is comparatively expensive.
4. If glass breaks, it becomes hazardous.


Plastic Packaging:
With the growing population and rising demands, plastic packaging is becoming more popular day by day.
Pros of Plastic Packaging:

  1. Plastic is a very flexible material and you can use it to form any shape, size, and style.
    2. Plastic packaging is an extremely lightweight option compared to glass and metal packaging.
    3. It is easy to transport plastic containers as they do not break easily.
    4. Plastic packaging is highly economical and for this reason, all types of companies big and small can use plastic packaging.



Cons of Plastic Packaging:
1. Plastic is generally non-biodegradable. For this reason, the containers may take centuries to break down.
2. Plastic is sensitive to chemical reaction. Thus, plastic packaging is not safe for food items.
3. Plastic is strong, but it also has a certain smell. So if you keep water or food items in a plastic container, there is a great chance that the smell of plastic will mix with the product inside.