Food labeling is often closely scrutinized and that is why it is an important aspect of product manufacturing. Many people/packaging companies believe that it can be easily rushed, but this is not true. If there are food labeling mistakes, it can cause immense harm to the credibility and reputation of the company. Thus, packaging companies need to take special care of food packaging and avoid mistakes. Let’s take a look at a few common food labeling mistakes which can be avoided, in the interest of your company or your brand.


Illegible Labels:

Having a label on the package is not enough! Packaging companies need to ensure that the label can be read easily. One of the most common mistakes made by packaging companies is having a label which cannot be read easily. This means that one of the basic legal requirements is not being met. In fact, this can be disastrous, as in the past this has leads to numerous packaging recalls. It also caused harm to the consumer. Thus, packaging companies need to work well with their labeling supplier so that legibility mistakes do not occur. Such mistakes are quite detrimental to the brand and can damage the reputation of your business.


Ingredients Not Listed Properly:

There is a special way of listing ingredients on the label. It is important to ensure that FDA regulations are not violated. Thus, there are actually no shortcuts in listing the items. Even if it is a single ingredient, it should be listed. Usually, there are common names for each ingredient. It is important to stay away from different abbreviations or even trade names that are difficult to understand. If your buyers don’t understand what you are trying to convey through the label, it is of no use. Thus, ensure that all ingredients are properly listed in the label, so that it can be easily seen by the buyer.


Factual Problems:

There have been labels which state facts that are not true. It is important to attract the interest of the buyers, but at the same time, you need to ensure that the facts you are putting down are true. You need to be honest and place the facts correctly on the labels. Frequently several ingredients are overlooked. If the ingredients are misleading, your consumers will lose their trust in your brand and products. This is going to be detrimental to your business.


Mismatching of Labels:

Many different kinds of labeling errors occur that are often detrimental to packaging. Labeling errors usually occur when the ingredients are printed in an incorrect way. In several instances, the wrong label is placed on the wrong package. In such a situation the result is the same. A certain ingredient which is mentioned on the label doesn’t exist in the package. The entire packaging is misleading and causes difficulty in communication.

These are some of the most common packaging mistakes which need to be avoided.