Packaging plays an important role in protecting a product during transportation, during its shelf life, and also helps in ensuring the integrity of the product. Packaging containers have an important role to play in maintaining the quality of a product. Thus, selecting the right packaging container needs careful consideration. So, there are a number of factors which need to be considered when you are selecting a packaging container.


Selecting the Right Container:

There are many different kinds of packaging material available – you need to select a container which will fulfill your purpose. Here are some ideas which will help in selecting the right container.


SAPCODE_105296_105299Glass Containers or Plastic Containers – Which is better?

This is a common dilemma when selecting packaging material. Here are some reasons which are quite helpful in making the right selection.

Glass Containers: If you choose to select glass packaging, you enjoy a number of advantages. Glass is the preferred choice for packaging food products for several reasons. Here are some reasons which make glass an optimum choice.

  • Glass is impervious to the penetration of different gasses and odors. Thus, when food is packaged in glass jars, bottles, or containers the product stays fresh and in its usual shape.
  • Glass is quite rigid. It keeps the packaged products in good shape for long.
  • It can be used for packaging different kinds of products, including cookies and cereals.
  • Glass containers have an aesthetic appeal. They look trendy and stylish.


Plastic Containers – If you check out online stores or visit supermarkets, you will come across many available plastic containers. In fact, plastic is one of the most in demand packaging material. Here are some reasons why plastic is so popular.

  • It is impact resistant. This means that unlike glass containers, plastic doesn’t crack or break easily. Even if it has a free fall, plastic containers will not break. Thus, these containers are highly durable and offer complete value for money.
  • Lightweight – Packaging companies prefer to use plastic containers because they are light-weight. Plastic doesn’t have much weight of its own, which means no additional cost of transportation. Its lightweight nature is one of the main reasons for its use in packaging products.
  • It is versatile in nature as it can be used for a number of purposes. It can be used in the kitchen and also for storing different products.


Also, it needs to be noted that using the right cap helps in maintaining the product’s integrity. If the cap doesn’t fit well, the whole purpose is defeated. Thus, when reusing plastic containers for other purposes, it is important to ensure that the cap fits well.


What Else To Consider:

There are many other factors which need to be considered, including:

  • Capacity – Take into account the capacity of the container. Depending on the capacity, you can decide which product to store.
  • Neck Finish – You need to take into account how you will fill the container or how you can remove the content. Depending on this, you can select a narrow or a wide opening.


Thus, select the packaging container with great caution, so that you are not disappointed later on. Your container should offer complete support.