Tips from an Industry Expert on Hemp Oil Packaging

Hemp oil and its products are conquering the markets all the globe. The cannabis industry is rapidly growing, be it medical marijuana NY or hemp oil, its increasing popularity calls for effective marketing and creative packaging to make it meet the market demand. Since there have been many speculations regarding the cannabis industry and its products, therefore, you might need to put extra effort into designing the packaging to distance your brands from all the negative connotations that are usually associated with cannabis products like hemp oil. 

Here are some tips from industry experts that will surely help in making your hemp oil brand a household name:

Why People Are Reluctant to Use Hemp Oil?


Before jumping to the tips, let us see the reasons that make people reluctant to use hemp oil, it will help us in targeting the audience more aptly. Since the hemp oil is derived from the seeds of the cannabis plant, so people usually assume that it will have high levels of THC; to which the ‘high’ factor of the cannabis plant is associated. 

On the contrary to common belief, hemp oil has a very little, almost negligible amount of THC in it. It is known for its amazing effects on skin and can be used as a moisturizer. Moreover, it can also be used as cooking oil. 

Tips for Hemp Oil Packaging:

Packaging, if done rightly, can do wonders for your brands. The appearance of the product alone can compel the customers to make the purchase. Therefore, you must put ample effort into designing and creating the process of the packaging to add a sense of uniqueness to it and make the customer feel special the very moment the hold it simultaneously. 

Here is how packaging must differ as per the purpose of hemp oil:

Hemp Oil Tincture:

Hemp oil is usually used for skincare routines. Its tincture can be best stored in a glass bottle with a dropper on it. Since it will be used with the other skincare products, its bottle should be as impressive as the other products have. Moreover, the dropper eases the task of putting a little amount of it on the skin for the users. Hemp oil tinctures last longer than the other of its products. They should be stored in properly to avoid them from spilling or protect it from being exposed to light or heat. Make sure it is not so big so that it can be easily stored in the refrigerator or can be carried along conveniently. To simply put, the bottle has to be pleasing, simple, and functioning. 


Secondary Packaging:

Since hemp oil is known for its medicinal purposes, therefore, its usage, purposes, and other instructions must be there with the product. All of this information cannot be written on the bottle’s label and that is what makes secondary packaging a vital part of the product. A small carton, containing a leaflet about the product dosage, ingredients, and method can be used as secondary packaging, this will help in validating the authenticity of your brand and normalizing hemp oil as a pharma product. 

Hemp oil’s bottle must be kept safe; therefore, the quality of the carton must not be compromised. You can buy a machine for the production of secondary packaging, to save the labor cost and to save time. All the details must be taken under consideration to keep the product from damaging and making it appealing for the customers.

The Bottom Line:

A small glass bottle is bound to give your hemp oil a trendy and distinctive look. Glass will surely protect the oil from heat and light and will keep the product safe. If the primary packaging will be coupled with a customized label it will add life to the overall product and will give it a fresh look.

The secondary packaging will complete the look of the entire product and make it easy for the customers to rely on your brand. It is hard to find authorized dealers of cannabis products in the market, owing to the purposes it has been used earlier, therefore, if you want to make your mark in the market, packaging will help you win the game and to catch up with rapidly growing cannabis market. 

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