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Top Priorities When Considering Food Packaging

Food packaging comes in all sorts of varieties and uses many types of materials.  Stand-up pouches, boxes, food containers and glass bottles are just some types of flexible and popular packaging commonly used around the world.   As we consider food packaging, several factors should be taken into account to ensure that the packaging is [...]

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Liquid Makeup Bottles – A Convenient Invention

The cosmetic packaging industry is said to be one of the most popular and vibrant, where innovations are constantly taking place for unique yet attractive packaging. For makeup products being used as part of a daily beauty routine, convenience is key for speeding up the application process, which means creating packaging that is both stylish, [...]

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The Importance Of Waterproof Packaging

One of the most important functions of packaging is to preserve and protect the quality of its contents. When it comes to external factors, exposure to moisture is one of the main causes of spoiled products, and one way to prevent this is through waterproof packaging.   The preservation of cosmetic materials and their ingredients [...]

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Nordtek Turns 20!

This April, Nordtek Packaging celebrates its 20th birthday. For the past 20 years, we’ve created, produced, sold and distributed packaging and packaging components across Europe and further afield, and our 20th birthday is an opportunity to reflect on so many years of successful business.   In the last two decades, we’ve transformed from a packaging [...]

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Pump Bottles And Small Bottles For Cosmetic Cleansers

When it comes to applying makeup and cosmetics, everything that goes on must also come off, calling for cosmetic cleansers to make the job a little bit easier. For every cosmetic product, there’s a cleanser, ready to refresh and restore your skin. Cleansers such as facial tonics, makeup removers and nail polish removers are all [...]

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Trigger Sprayers Make For Simple Spring Cleaning

Spring time is coming, bringing with it lots of sunshine. But the extra hours of daylight also highlight all the dust that’s accumulated in our homes over the winter months. The obvious solution is a spring clean, and for this we need to use a range cleaning products, with the most popular choice of packaging [...]

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Perfect Packaging Solutions For Makeup Frustrations

Two things cause major frustration when it comes to makeup packaging; the first: having to throw away your makeup because you can’t get the last little bit out, and the second: your makeup bottles being too big to meet plane hand luggage liquid restrictions. With makeup being an expensive purchase, you want to make sure [...]

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Save Time And Money With SET Bottle + Mini Trigger Sprayer

Many packaging products often require two parts to function correctly. Instead of buying each part separately and running the risk of them not fitting together, packaging sets are an ideal solution to guarantee functional use from the get go. The 250ml bottle with mini trigger sprayer set is a great example of a handy packaging [...]

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Attractive And Affordable: The 30ml Acrylic Jar

When we think of luxury packaging, most of us automatically lean towards glass. It’s no surprise; glass looks elegant, has good protective function and can increase the value of a product. But the downside of glass is its price, meaning it’s not always an affordable material to use. Luckily, there’s another option: acrylic. Acrylic offers [...]

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A Firm Favourite: Aluminium Jars In High Demand

Sturdiness and durability are key features customers often look for in packaging. One such product demonstrating these qualities and in high demand as a result is aluminium jars. A unique form of packaging that bears a resemblance to iron, aluminium jars can make any product look that little bit extra special and unusual.   A [...]

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What To Consider Before Choosing Packaging For Your Product

Choosing the perfect packaging for your product is a fine balance. Safety, visual appeal and brand affinity are all important factors when designing and selecting product packaging. Packaging should promote your brand, protect the product and attract customers to efforts to increase sales.   There are certain considerations that need to be taken into account [...]

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