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Hottest Designs in Packaging: The Trend For Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is still considered to be one of the most popular packaging concepts. Consumers love packaging that displays great flexibility in both design and usage. Brand owners love flexible packaging for several reasons, one of the main being that it’s a favourite among buyers. Every brand believes in customer satisfaction. If buyers are happy [...]

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Top 5 Ways Cardboard Boxes Can Be Used For Packaging

Cardboard boxes are an integral part of our lives. We all have these boxes in our homes, in different sizes and styles, and they’re often recycled time and time again for a number of purposes. Cardboard boxes make an excellent packaging material and are the preferred choice of packaging for manufacturers around the world. Used [...]

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Revolutionary Dispensing: Non-Stick Ketchup And Mayo Bottles

We’ve all experienced the frustration of that last little bit of ketchup being stuck in the bottom of the bottle, and the useless ensuing attempts to get the liquid to come out. Surprisingly, regular ketchup bottles - and many other containers - generate a substantial amount of waste as consumers can’t get the product to [...]

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The Most Popular Ingredients For DIY Cosmetics

When using everyday beauty products, we’re becoming more aware of what we’re putting on our skin. Many of us now look to avoid the chemicals often found in shop-bought cosmetics, ditching conventional cosmetics in favour of homemade cosmetic products that require only a few, natural ingredients. A quick search online will reveal hundreds of tutorials [...]

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Organza Bags: The Newest Addition To All In Packaging

We’re constantly on the lookout for stylish and useful packaging to add to our product range, and as a result, organza bags are coming soon to the All In Packaging webshop. An easy to use bag that’s popular for gift packaging, organza bags are an attractive addition to our collection.   Taking their name from [...]

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Pump Or Sprayer? How To Select The Perfect Dispenser For Your Bottle

Selecting the perfect dispenser for your bottle can seem like a bit of a minefield. It’s not simply a choice between a pump or a sprayer; you can now narrow it down to specific types of sprayers and pumps, and if you’re not sure what each type offers, it can be hard to know which [...]

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Less Is More – Even On Packaging!

Striking gold with packaging is a fine balance. Following a number of golden rules can help you to increase the chance of successful packaging, but for as much thought, consideration and pre-planning goes into your packaging, ultimately most consumer decisions are reactive. This means that packaging has the challenging task of capturing and holding customer [...]

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Hair Care Products Require A Positive Packaging Experience

The global hair care market is booming. A surge in demand for products that make hair maintenance a personalised experience mean the assortment of products is huge. From products designed for long hair, to hair volumising products and those ideal for curly, straight or frizzy hair, dry hair, coloured hair and heat-damaged hair, the hair [...]

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Smaller Packaging Increases Profit

For some time, family sized packaging has conquered the market as a more economical purchase. These days, however, downsizing is a sweeping trend: there’s a growing shift towards smaller sized packaging, with an increase in the number of industries deciding to sell the same product in smaller packaging.   How is Packaging Size Reduced? Smaller [...]

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Dispensing Taps For Containers And Drums

It’s not uncommon for industries to require packaging solutions capable of holding and dispensing large volumes of fluid. Packaging such as containers and drums have this capability, providing a cost-effective solution to storing bulk volumes of liquid.   A Dispensing Solution Containers and drums have huge capacities - ranging from 2 litres to 60 litres [...]

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Collecting Packaging: A Historical Hobby

It’s human nature to collect. The fascination with collecting items harks back to prehistoric times when accumulating resources was a way for males to attract a mate. Nowadays, it’s less about attracting a mate and more of a personal hobby.   We’re familiar with hobbies such as stamp collecting or coin collecting, but less common [...]

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The Significance Of Symbols On Packaging

Symbols are a common feature on our everyday products and packaging. Spanning from food allergy symbols, to recycling information, to symbols highlighting safety standards, symbols are often placed on products and packaging to provide important information, indicate consumer rights or to comply with regulations. Differentiated by type of product, some symbols are more commonly associated [...]

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