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Different Country, Different Packaging, Same Product: Packaging For An International Market

When it comes to choosing the perfect packaging, it’s usual for manufacturers to consider the target market in terms of key factors such as industry, age and gender, but another consideration is whether product packaging should be different for an international market. As global brands look to succeed in a worldwide market, it’s common for [...]

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Is Your Packaging Right For Your Product?

Packaging would be redundant without the product it was designed for. With several roles to play to ensure products are safe and fit for purpose, every packaging item has certain criterias to meet based on the product its packaging.   But how can you be sure that your chosen packaging is right for your product? [...]

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Latest Trend: Social Media Symbols on Packaging

Social media platforms are taking over our daily life. By the end of 2016, a staggering 2.8 billion people worldwide were using social media, with social media use, particularly via mobile devices, continually growing. Although Facebook remains the most popular social media site, Twitter, Instagram and other sites continue to grow. Social media popularity means [...]

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A Remarkable Step Towards Sustainability By Procter & Gamble

Plastic is one of the most fundamental materials to industry and everyday life, but is also one of the biggest examples of our throw-away society: the majority of plastic produced annually is only used once. Over 300 million tons of new plastic is produced each year, with over half ending up in landfills, in oceans [...]

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Should Your Business Be Hiring A Packaging Expert?

The packaging industry is one of the largest industries with some of the newest technologies and trends. The success and growth of a business is dependent on its packaging criteria. In fact, the success of various promotional and marketing strategies within a business is also dependent on certain packaging aspects. Despite its importance, people don’t [...]

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Why You Need Customised Packaging Designs

Customised packaging designs are becoming increasingly popular when compared to the regular packaging options available. These special packaging designs are created for the exact specifications of the product, keeping in mind customer preferences and purpose of use. A good choice for when standard designs are not suitable for use in terms of appeal, style preferences [...]

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Why Small Packaging Is More Practical

As the packaging industry notices a shift towards smaller sized packaging, small packaging is often said to be more practical than its larger counterpart. In a world where people constantly seek the most convenient and cost-effective products, smaller size packaging can meet and keep up with consumer needs. As demand for products such as cosmetics, [...]

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Travel Packaging Sets From AIl In Packaging

Packaging sets are the best way to purchase packaging that has all of the essential and correct parts. Our assortment of packaging sets available through All In Packaging span a wide range of products, but our newest set is the ideal choice for weekends away and business trips. The Travel Set is a brand new [...]

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Choosing The Ideal Plastic Bottle For Your Product

We use billions of plastic bottles every year. Primarily intended for storing liquids, there is an overwhelming number of plastic bottle options to choose from when it comes to picking the ideal packaging for your product. In a thriving packaging indstry, every product has an ideal packaging solution that offers the most functional usage. When [...]

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Top Tips For Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging is the latest trend these days, with more and more companies trying to develop the best, most sustainable designs in order to be successful. Undoubtedly, competition is on the rise as brands try to outdo each other in terms of design, so how can you make sustainable packaging designs stand out? Consider Life-Cycle [...]

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Revolutionary Recycling: Get Creative With Waste Plastic

Plastic: one of the most popular packaging materials, but also one of the biggest threats to our oceans. Climate conditions are set to become progressively worse in 2017, placing an increasingly important emphasis on ‘going green’. In the packaging industry, reducing waste and our ecological footprint, while increasing overall product sustainability, should be top priority. [...]

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Behind The Scenes Of Online Packaging Purchasing

Online shopping; a craze fueled and sustained by our desire for convenience and finding the best deal. With virtually every brand embracing online shopping, customers don’t think twice about ordering online. A positive experience can make online purchasing seem to happen like magic, but behind the scenes of online packaging purchasing is a delicate operation [...]

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Combat Winter Flu With Small Packaging For Medicine On The Go

Winter is the season of colds, flu and sickness. Cold weather means less time spent outdoors, and more time inside with the heating on, where germs spread easily. Anyone who’s had a winter cold knows that they’re no fun, but in our busy lives, it’s not always easy to take a sick day. Thankfully, you [...]

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Shrink Wrap Bands In The Packaging Industry

Scroll down for how to use video. Most of the time, product packaging is the best way to protect your product. Occasionally, however, extra protection is a necessary addition and there are times when even your packaging needs packaging. That’s where shrink wrap bands come in. If you’ve ever purchased a lip balm, or perhaps [...]

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