5 Ways Recyclable Packaging is Good for Your Business

If it is your own business or company, it is your responsibility to ensure that your packaging does complete justice to your products as well as your customers. Recyclable packaging is one of those options which is all about sustainable packaging, protection to products, as well as helps in building your brand image. If you [...]

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Zero Waste Packaging from Bamboo

If you are fond of eco-friendly packaging, you definitely need to consider bamboo packaging. So, why would people choose zero-waste packing? There are a number of reasons why packaging made from bamboo is so popular. If you are conscious about the environment, you wish to build your brand image, and you like promoting your brand, [...]

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Help Your Business Grow Green with Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly packages do not surprise us anymore, considering the fact that we are all aware of the pollution and environmental hazards that cause immense damage to the environment. If you own a business, you need to think about going green with eco-friendly packaging. Wondering how? Well, there are numerous opportunities and ways to help your [...]

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Fashion now is all about Eco-Friendly Packaging

Undoubtedly, sustainability and also eco-friendly products are in great demand these days. The amazing thing is that even in the packaging industry, eco-friendly packages are the most in demand. Retailers, manufacturers, and also consumers are now conscious and ready to do anything so that they can cut down on pollution and packaging waste caused by [...]

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Facts about Beverage Packaging

Every kind of beverage needs good professional packaging. Unless it is not packed in the right way, you cannot carry it properly. You may have concocted a beverage at home which all your friends have tasted and appreciated. If you plan to sell this beverage in the market, you have to think first about the [...]

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Tips for Container Gardening

Container gardening is one of the most popular ways of growing the plants you are fond of. If you enjoy container gardening, you are probably searching for interesting tips and ideas that will make your gardening a success. With container gardening, you can help your home look more beautiful and stylish in your own way. [...]

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How to Select Safe Containers for Growing Plants

Are you fond of growing plants and especially in repurposed containers? Container gardening is quite a trend these days as more and more people are using containers of different sizes and shapes for the purpose of gardening. However, a lot depends on the kind of container chosen, because the growth and health of your plants [...]

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Sustainable Building With Plastic Bottles

In the search to find solutions to both plastic waste and affordable housing, architects across the planet have alighted upon an idea that is seemingly obvious: using discarded single-use plastic bottles as construction material. There is a movement in many countries to better utilize our discarded plastic bottles, and the idea of repurposing them into [...]

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The News of a Plastic-Eating Enzyme

Last week brought some great news to a world that is facing a deluge of plastic waste. Scientists in Great Britain and America seem to have stumbled upon an enzyme that can actually ‘eat’ PET plastics. Though the ramifications of this are still unclear, early indications are that this may be a breakthrough in helping [...]

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Advantages of Trigger Sprayers in the Garden

In the Northern Hemisphere winter is finally relinquishing the world from its icey grips, leaving grass and soil where there was once snow and ice. Spring gardeners will be among the first to take advantage of the unfrozen ground, planting seedlings and tending to plants that survived the winter. In feeding and watering their gardens, [...]

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How Cardboard Boxes Get Recycled

As we discovered in an earlier post, cardboard boxes are the main container used when it comes to shipping consumer goods. Billions of boxes are made every year and most, estimates range up to 90 percent, of those will get recycled. Due to this massive number, recycling is also a major business. But just how [...]

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Reasons Why Cardboard Boxes Make an Essential Packaging Option

Cardboard boxes have been around for a long time. We have them in different sizes for packaging different items. These boxes are used in various industries, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, and for packaging industrial products as well. Cardboard boxes are said to be an essential packing option, quite popular among people who need to transport [...]

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Benefits of Paper Bag Packaging

Paper bags were first introduced in the year 1852, and since then these bags have become highly popular. Plastic bags are said to be a big competitor of the paper bag because plastic is usually inexpensive and available in different shapes and sizes. Paper bags were first a bit uncommon and not much preferred, but [...]

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Roads from Plastic Waste

As societies around the world are waking up to the dangers of plastics that are simply discarded without any attempt at recycling or repurposing, private citizens, governments, and businesses alike are spearheading roles in innovating ways to reduce plastic waste. Read on to learn about a fascinating pilot program from India that seeks to turn [...]

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