The Importance of Lotion Packaging

With the skincare market at over 120 billion dollars and growing each year, the consumer has never had so much choice when it comes to products like lotion. Not just daily use body-care lotions, but under-eye lotions, lotions specifically for feet, hands, face, and so on. Such lotions can be bought in your typical mainstreet [...]

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How to Keep Cool in the Heat of Summer

We all know that in summer the weather can get unbearably hot. Not everybody can afford an air-conditioner, and many in fact prefer not to have one for health reasons. That doesn’t mean that creative people don’t have options for DIY solutions to hack summer and keep cool. Read on and discover a few simple [...]

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Behind the Scenes: from Clicking the Order Button to Receiving your Package

Just what happens from the time you click the Order button on our All In Packaging site until the time you receive your packaging or containers from the delivery service? We are here to answer that question for curious minds from all over. Let’s take a peek at what happens in getting our high quality [...]

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Fragrances and Other Raw Materials

While it is well known that we are specialists in providing packaging solutions for almost any packaging need, readers may be surprised to learn that at All In Packaging we also sell various raw materials in bulk for products like fragrances, cosmetics, and detergents. Below we’ll have a look at some of these materials, and [...]

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All About Plastic Bottle Production

Due to the convenience and cost, plastic bottles are becoming more and more prevalent in use as containers for all kinds of food and household items. The type of plastic used for clear bottle production (while there are many types of plastics and plastic bottles, clear plastics are the most widely used) is called polyethylene [...]

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Tubes for Creams and Lotions

Creams and lotions are common items purchased from pharmacies and cosmetics stores, and their use only increases in the warm summer months as skin maladies like sunburn and irritation increase. Feedback has revealed that creams and lotions - be they skin conditioners or sunscreens - are ideally packed in tubes, and with good reason. Tubes [...]

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The Clean Advantage to Drainback Detergent Bottles

Producers of containers are constantly looking to make innovations and modifications to their products in order to keep up with consumers’ evolving wants and needs. One such highly successful innovation from way back in the 1980s is the drainback detergent bottle. Primarily used for detergents and fabric softeners, drainback detergent bottles have solved problems for [...]

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Top Priorities When Considering Food Packaging

Food packaging comes in all sorts of varieties and uses many types of materials.  Stand-up pouches, boxes, food containers and glass bottles are just some types of flexible and popular packaging commonly used around the world.   As we consider food packaging, several factors should be taken into account to ensure that the packaging is [...]

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Liquid Makeup Bottles – A Convenient Invention

The cosmetic packaging industry is said to be one of the most popular and vibrant, where innovations are constantly taking place for unique yet attractive packaging. For makeup products being used as part of a daily beauty routine, convenience is key for speeding up the application process, which means creating packaging that is both stylish, [...]

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The Importance Of Waterproof Packaging

One of the most important functions of packaging is to preserve and protect the quality of its contents. When it comes to external factors, exposure to moisture is one of the main causes of spoiled products, and one way to prevent this is through waterproof packaging.   The preservation of cosmetic materials and their ingredients [...]

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Top 5 Ways Cardboard Boxes Can Be Used For Packaging

Cardboard boxes are an integral part of our lives. We all have these boxes in our homes, in different sizes and styles, and they’re often recycled time and time again for a number of purposes. Cardboard boxes make an excellent packaging material and are the preferred choice of packaging for manufacturers around the world. Used [...]

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Pump Or Sprayer? How To Select The Perfect Dispenser For Your Bottle

Selecting the perfect dispenser for your bottle can seem like a bit of a minefield. It’s not simply a choice between a pump or a sprayer; you can now narrow it down to specific types of sprayers and pumps, and if you’re not sure what each type offers, it can be hard to know which [...]

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