Smaller Packaging Increases Profit

For some time, family sized packaging has conquered the market as a more economical purchase. These days, however, downsizing is a sweeping trend: there’s a growing shift towards smaller sized packaging, with an increase in the number of industries deciding to sell the same product in smaller packaging.   How is Packaging Size Reduced? Smaller [...]

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Dispensing Taps For Containers And Drums

It’s not uncommon for industries to require packaging solutions capable of holding and dispensing large volumes of fluid. Packaging such as containers and drums have this capability, providing a cost-effective solution to storing bulk volumes of liquid.   A Dispensing Solution Containers and drums have huge capacities - ranging from 2 litres to 60 litres [...]

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The Significance Of Symbols On Packaging

Symbols are a common feature on our everyday products and packaging. Spanning from food allergy symbols, to recycling information, to symbols highlighting safety standards, symbols are often placed on products and packaging to provide important information, indicate consumer rights or to comply with regulations. Differentiated by type of product, some symbols are more commonly associated [...]

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Top Tips For Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging is the latest trend these days, with more and more companies trying to develop the best, most sustainable designs in order to be successful. Undoubtedly, competition is on the rise as brands try to outdo each other in terms of design, so how can you make sustainable packaging designs stand out? Consider Life-Cycle [...]

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The Importance Of Packaging Net Weight

When products reach the shelves, packaging labels display the net weight of the product. Net weight refers to the actual or estimated weight of the product without its packaging. With a weight for the product listed, manufacturers are hesitant to add further weight to the net total, and this means keeping packaging weight as low [...]

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Tips For Verifying Food Packaging Labels

We all know the importance of food labelling and why it shouldn’t be ignored. Products with incorrect labelling can cause huge damage to your brand, and products can potentially lose their credibility. But most of us don’t know how or what to check when verifying food product packaging labels, and this concept is an important [...]

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Why Choose Plastic Over Glass?

When deciding the best choice of packaging for your products, the first hurdle to cross is the material, and the most obvious choice is plastic or glass. Both have their benefits and both are extremely favoured packaging materials. Glass is an increasingly popular packaging material, offering elegance and style to everyday products. Largely used for [...]

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Benefits of Makeup Bags for Packaging Cosmetics

Makeup bags are a favoured product for many women. Available in various luxurious designs, colours and shapes, these bags are ideal for storing cosmetics and makeup items. Designed to keep your products safe and easily stored, makeup bags have a number of benefits, with most of us needing at least one of these bags to [...]

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Perfume to Go

The festive season brings with it parties, trips to visit family and weekends getaways. Many of us will attend events where we want to look and feel our best, and wearing our favourite scents is just one way to achieve this. We often want to take our perfume with us - particularly if attending a [...]

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How to Choose from a Collection of Caps

Caps are an essential addition to packaging for liquids. Used to seal the opening of a bottle, tube or jar to prevent liquid from escaping, caps also extend the shelf-life of liquid products, keeping them safely in their initial state until opened. Caps have two main purposes: to keep products secure and prevent leaking for [...]

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Foam Pump Bottles: Why Use Them?

Foam pump bottles and dispensers are an important packaging material, used in a number of industries. Foam pump bottles, used mostly for dispensing soap, are often used at homes and offices, as well as hotels and restaurants. Offering hassle free, convenient usage, if you haven’t yet tried a pump bottle, we highly recommend using one [...]

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Why Glass Jars are King of the Packaging Industry

Glass: a material that seems to be synonymous with luxury products. But it’s not just high end products that are afforded the delights of glass packaging - for years, glass has ruled the packaging industry. Regardless of the market, glass is widely seen amongst manufacturers as king of packaging materials and it’s not hard to [...]

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